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Amanda is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. Following a very successful but highly stress-filled career in the technology sector she decided to do a 360 and follow her passion to help beautiful people, just like you, build a life THEY love WHILE they love and care for those around them, and…..she’s never looked back!

Episode #14 // Perception is YOUR Superpower!

Did you know you have a superpower? And, that it has the ability to help you look at life and its experiences in new and more nourishing ways? Perception is VERY POWERFUL. On this episode of The Full Life, I have a great little exercise for you that is a favourite in my coaching and [...]

Episode #13 // How is the Quality of Your Attention? Do The Assessment With Me.

Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s about 1 every 1.2 seconds…so they’re coming). Then our devices! Its now a thing to do a “digital detox” and “try” to be without your phone on your nightstand. Are you able to pay quality attention? [...]

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Are You Paying Attention? Your Happiness Could be Suffering.

Do you give enough attention to the people, activities, and things that are important to you? This is a question I recently asked myself and if I’m being honest, the response was disappointing. The Problem Today Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s [...]

Episode #12 // A Full Life “Reboot”. Unplug, Breathe, Dominate!

Its a Full Life "Reboot" Episode! Take 5! This is exciting! In response to YOUR requests, I’m adding a new segment, each month, where I’ll record a guided relaxation podcast. These “Full Life Reboots” will be short (5-7min), potent and sure to engage your “relax and then take on the world” response. Today we begin [...]

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Episode #11 // I’m So Grateful For YOU! Maximizing Wellness with Gratitude.

The health benefits of fostering an “attitude of gratitude” are not only scientifically proven but quite extensive.  This is why cultivating a gratitude practice is really key to living The Full Life. In this episode we explore how to move gratitude from a mechanical process (which I often hear is how it  can feel when done everyday, as we [...]

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Episode #10 // Dana Finestone, Developmental Psychologist; Everyday Happiness Training with Imagery

Take a moment and bring to mind an experience where you felt a rush of happiness. Can you optimize your sense of happiness with the simple use of something you have with you in every moment; imagery? The early research says yes! Dana Finestone, Developmental Psychologist and creator of KidsToday.ca, unpacks some new research and shares practical ways to leverage [...]

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Episode #9 // : Managing Emotional Muggers, Circle of Influence and…The Rainbow Breath

About 50% of our happiness is due to our genes (yup, some of us just have happier genes than others), 10% lies in our life circumstances (income, house, job, health, ability to have kids) and the last 40% is impacted by our intentional activity. That means, the way we think, behave and the choice of [...]

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I am Such a Good Worrier!

Are you a good worrier? Me too. Even though intellectually I understand that it robs me of my happiness. I've learned to NOTICE worry quite quickly (the "noticing" is my super-power) and then investigate the story I'm writing that is causing me to worry. Once I do this - I can almost always write a [...]

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Episode #8 // People-Pleasers Unite! Learning to Say “No” Without Guilt

Are you a people pleaser? Are you the person who says YES even though in the pit of your stomach you swore you wouldn’t?  The beautiful soul who so hated to confront conflict that she said YES to that project at work that she really didn’t even feel qualified, let alone have the bandwidth, to [...]

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People-Pleasers Unite! Learning To Say NO Without Guilt

People-Pleasers Unite! I recently asked a question in my social media community around “guilt and the biggest trigger” and wow! The feedback, admissions and struggles came flowing in  like a river during spring thaw. Although the topic of guilt is a bit more than a single blog post can completely do justice I did want to [...]

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