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Hi Beautiful!

Let’s Clear a Path to Your Happiness


Stop missing life’s best moments to stress and a busy mind.

You struggle with feeling guilty, negative self-talk, stress, overwhelm and patience.

I get it because I Was You.

I’ve guided 1000’s of beautiful women through easy-to-squeeze in practices and every day I hear comments like, “Amanda, your practice’s began to change my life almost immediately. I’m more present with my family and for the first time ever, I’m taking care of myself without feeling guilty!”

Let me guide you toward a place where you can enjoy your life, your kids, your job and everything that goes on around you.

Let’s clear a path to your happiness today.

Deep Breath. You can do this!

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Making Friends With Stress (5 min)


Guided Meditation: Stress to Success


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7 Day Peace Practice With Amanda Weber