One of my favourite outcomes of a regular meditation practice is how it helps me to stay present in my day to day life.  In a past season of my life I was so caught up in the stories I wrote in my head that I often missed the juiciness of life, the beauty that was sitting right in front of me, and most sadly, the obvious signs of love and wisdom that my kids and people who loved me were sharing in every moment.

This past week I was enjoying a delicious fair-trade coffee, in a beautiful and bright window seat,  with one of my besties. We were getting real with each other, like we often do in the safety of the space we hold for each other, and as we worked through our thoughts we began talking about how we might set intentions for 2017. What words seemed to fit where our souls and passions where yearning to go. As we shared tools, frameworks and coaches we connected with we, my bestie mentioned Danielle LaPorte and Desire Mapping. I said “I’ve read one of her book but you know who REALLY loves her stuff is (insert our mutual friends name). As I said it I thought to myself how much I’d love to see this person as she had shared over email that she’d be holding me in her thoughts this holiday knowing that it was a first for me without my mom.

At that moment our mutual friend walked right in front of the window!

It was a complete meaningful coincidence, a synchronicity.

As we unpacked the likelihood of the timing of this event we hugged and I snapped this photo of all our boots together.  I revelled in the present moment awareness that allowed me to truly take in the amazing and synchronistic events that go on around us all the time, sources of inspiration, gratitude and joy, that we often miss when we are in our heads. The events are amazing. Yes. But what is most mind-blowing is the acknowledgement that there is magic unfolding around us and if we let it, it can spark deep joy in our hearts.

How are you doing? Really. Are you able to notice the things that spark JOY and HAPPINESS in your beautiful life? Sometimes the greatest inspiration isn’t something you do but something that happens around you….if you can be present and notice.

Deep Breath. The New Year is here and every week I’m going to continue checking in on you and sharing the tools, practices, ‘aha moments and stories that are sparking Joy and Happiness in our awesome community here. I am honoured that you’re here, inspired when you share, and trust me….. its NO coincidence we’ve connected.