Growing up, dinner time was always a time of conversation in my house. I recall listening to my Dad update my Mom on the politics at the office, who was doing what and his current views on the government. My Mom, being well-informed, had her views and was pretty feisty (which I later learned taught me how to hold my own).

Today connecting at dinner time has gotten a little more complicated. If families do share a meal, sometimes they have mobile devices going or TV’s on …and the connection can be less meaningful. Or perhaps, you’ve got a better routine going.

No matter how your dinner times looks; I feel in my heart that in order to enjoy a FULL LIFE, the conversation needs to be meaningful. While we enjoy our meals, we should enjoy each others company. I’ve become even more passionate about this since my older boys have moved out. I miss hearing how their days were. But I digress….

What I did want to share was a recent post that someone shared with me,

5 Questions That Will Instantly Change Your Family Relationships

1. What is it you’ve done today that you’d like to be acknowledged for?
2. What are you grateful for today?
3.What act of kindness did you see/perform today?
4.What was great about today? What magical thing did you see today?
5.What unresolved issues do we need to talk about?

Some of these I have asked, like #2, but some I thought were so lovely, like #3.

What do you say we pump-up-the-volume on meaningful conversation with the people we love? And if you have a great thing going already, please share with us!  This is so perfectly aligned with “Building a life YOU love, WHILE you love and care for those around you”.  Which reminds me, if you haven’t checked out my free weekly podcast, The FULL Life, you should! Its 20 more minutes of me, each week, and some great tools and practices. If you listen and like it, please share or leave a review – I would be very grateful!

PS You can check out the full article I reference here.