Hi! I’m Amanda

The beautiful women I support call me their wise & calming presence.

And together we discover the happiest, healthiest and most successful version of YOU amidst the often chaotic nature of life.

My approach is practical and easy – I find in these days of instant gratification that people need to feel a little shift quickly to gain the courage and confidence to continue on a path, so that’s my goal.

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My story goes like this…

50+ hour work-weeks, international travel and the demands of building a global company in the fast-moving world of technology all while trying to raise happy, healthy kids (YES hot dogs make kids happy but NO hot dogs are not healthy!) and be all things to all people.

Crash. Burn…Out.

My ‘always-on’ world came to a screeching halt one day when I learned:

  • that my dad was terminally ill
  • my marriage of 17 years was ending
  • and in a state of chaos I was raising 2 boys ready to embark on their teens.

Add that to a demanding day job that I loved but that demanded more of me than I sometimes felt I could give.

To top it off, I was becoming increasingly aware of the way I was showing up in the world; reactive and not nurturing to myself or those I loved.

A 2000 Mile Detour

It was at this time that I began to reflect on my life, acknowledge what I wanted more of and emerge as a happier, healthier and more balanced version of me.

This journey took me deeply within where I spent time reconnecting with my true self; yoga, meditation, self-care…all the things I judged people for doing saying it was self-indulgent and disconnected from real life.

My ’Aha Moment

One day not long after returning from my first meditation retreat, my sons sat me down, “Mom, we need to talk to you. We just want to know straight up, are you trying some kind of science experiment on us? Because you aren’t yelling at us anymore”.

To have two innocent young boys notice that you were showing up in a kinder more nurturing way is just about the biggest ‘aha moment you can have.

I still get emotional thinking about it.

Is this YOU?

I believe that inherent in each of us the desire to be successful in all aspects of our lives.

But, sometimes the busyness (and business) of life gets in the way.

When this happens, we often benefit from support and mentoring to un-plug, slowdown, become really aware and then begin to experience an amazing shift in our lives. This is exactly how I felt and what has driven me to help others realize what I realized… that we each have access to an inner wisdom patiently waiting to be called on.

If you believe there is a truer version of you to be discovered or perhaps re-discovered, why not get to know me!


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What people say after taking my courses and private success coaching.

Dr. Michaela McClure, DC

“As a mom to 2 beautiful children, a wife and chiropractor I juggle many roles. It can be a challenge finding time to do it all while maintaining balance but Amanda finds ways to help me look at life and it’s experiences in new ways; she creates a space where true transformation happens.”

Dr. Michaela McClure // DC

“As an entrepreneur and business owner my clients are paramount. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the time they spend with Amanda in the workshops she facilitates for me. In addition, she is my personal success coach and through her insightful guidance I have had many ‘aha moments which continue to bring about real life change for me.”

Trish Unger BA, RHN // BIE Practitioner, Entrepreneur

Trish Unger BA, RHN, BIE Practitioner, Owner Belly Buttons
Nicole DeNoble

“Amanda is a knowledgeable and supportive coach who is passionate, generous with her time and creates an open and comfortable environment.”

Nicole DeNoble // Marketing & Communications Executive

certified Chopra Instructuor
Davidji Certified Teacher