How You Feel Is A Choice

Note:  A short excerpt from my 100 Days with Mom Project. To check out more visit my Instagram page. “How would you like to feel?” I spent most of my life not realizing that how I feel is a choice. One day, before my mom passed I heard a friend and mentor, Nancy Levin, say [...]

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Sitting with Self Compassion

Self Compassion Journal Entry Jan 27, 2020  Lay on the earth. Look up at the sky. Sink into contemplative thought. Oh, how far I wandered. Not all at once, no. In quite small but consistent steps. Some years, the really busy and chaotic ones, I wandered far. Others, I didn’t log as many steps away [...]

Why is it Hard to Receive?

Why is it so hard to receive? This is a question I’ve often asked myself, particularly in my younger mothering years. I found it almost impossible to accept the help of others. My suck-it-up muscle very well toned, the martyr narrative would say “Amanda, you need to do it all. Don’t let anyone see you [...]

Let’s Laugh Together

From we are babies, connection is a primal desire. Although we can survive without it, its nearly impossible to have healthy psychological development without it. Lacking connection, we deprive ourselves of the rich emotions of happiness, feeling witnessed and understood, and a sense of I’m not alone in this world. I’ve observed that when I [...]

Jungle Journal: When the Inside and the Outside Don’t Match

I am trying really hard to honour my adjustment period being home only a few days from a HUGE 4 month journey in Costa Rica (more to come as I unpack all the feels) but wanted to share a journal I wrote a couple of weeks before leaving.  With all the emotions that arise during [...]

Jungle Journals: Transcending Your Busy Mind

This can viewed in video format on YouTube & it originally appeared in Best Self Magazine (Nov 2018) I woke this morning while it was still dark, 5:02am Friday, October 12 lit brightly on my iPhone screen. My first thought is whether or not the shelter is open. We’re in the thick of rainy season here in [...]

Jungle Journals: We Always Have a Choice

Today I share how the power of choice is always available to us and yet how easy it is, even for those like me who teach this concept, to be triggered by old thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Let me set the stage for this Jungle Journal... Woke to the early morning sites and sounds [...]

Why Not Take a Walking Meditation?

You Can Meditate with Your Eyes Open. Seriously, You Can. It's no secret that there are many health benefits, physical and emotional, that you gain from meditation. But, just like getting to the gym, that doesn't make it any easier to find the time to do the practice. Right?!  WRONG!!! With Spring around the corner, [...]

Breaking Up With Busy // Reclaim Your Vibrant Life By Trading Busy for Full

Taking down the unspoken culprit that’s sucking the joy, vibrancy and health out of our lives: excessive busyness — and how we can instead trade busy for full ( (Listen at I’m always open to chatting about busy; it seems everyone else is, too. Is epidemic too strong a word to describe the extent [...]

Busy Mind When You’re Trying To Sleep?

Its 3am, you wake and then that’s when you decide to take on solving the really big worries that are fighting for space in your busy mind. Why!? Why does our mind do this to us. Its so unkind. Before I know it, I’ve been checking the clock for over ½ an hour and it [...]

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Might You Be Raising a People-Pleaser?

Its one thing that I identify as a people-pleaser, but caught up in my recovery, I wasn't paying "conscious" attention to how my disease to please might be impacting my kids. Might you be "unknowingly" raising a people-pleaser? I thought it might be a good check-in for all of us to make ensure we are [...]

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Nice vs Kind: Its Impacting Your Happiness!

How many of us are raised to be nice? How many of us use words like “nice” to describe someone in a positive way? “She is so nice, she is always helping others”, “She is amazing, I don’t know how she finds the time, she never says no”. I am very fortunate to have a supportive [...]

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Decision Fatigue: Are Too Many Choices Making You Unhappy?

Recently a friend was telling me how she is so tired of making decisions. Her husband had offered to take her out for dinner (Full Life Score!!) and he said “where would you like to go” (fair question) but she felt overwhelm… couldn’t decide where she wanted to eat or what she wanted to eat, [...]

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Honouring How You and Your Loved Ones Energize & Recharge

I am an extrovert. As far back as I can recall I would get so excited when a party or get together was booked or when I knew we we’d be going somewhere there would be lots of people, even the mall. I couldn’t wait to meet people, chat, socialise, it just energized me! And [...]

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Are You Paying Attention? Your Happiness Could be Suffering.

Do you give enough attention to the people, activities, and things that are important to you? This is a question I recently asked myself and if I’m being honest, the response was disappointing. The Problem Today Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s [...]

I am Such a Good Worrier!

Are you a good worrier? Me too. Even though intellectually I understand that it robs me of my happiness. I've learned to NOTICE worry quite quickly (the "noticing" is my super-power) and then investigate the story I'm writing that is causing me to worry. Once I do this - I can almost always write a [...]

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People-Pleasers Unite! Learning To Say NO Without Guilt

People-Pleasers Unite! I recently asked a question in my social media community around “guilt and the biggest trigger” and wow! The feedback, admissions and struggles came flowing in  like a river during spring thaw. Although the topic of guilt is a bit more than a single blog post can completely do justice I did want to [...]

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Are You Holding Space to Practice?

Part of living The Full Life is about honouring yourself, gifting yourself a daily moment or moments to gain a little clarity, to inform the lense with which you see the world. Its about getting to know yourself underneath the layers of conditioned thought that we ALL carry. Its connecting to your beautiful essence under [...]

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5 Practices to Boost Happiness at Work

You can hack-into-happiness! And here are 5 practices to boost happiness at work. Whether you love your job or not, whether you sit at a desk, in front of a sea of little faces, or even in a car traveling about - I'm sure you can use a little boost of feel good now and then. No? [...]

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Calming My Harsh Inner Critic

Do you have a harsh inner critic? Well I’ve been doing more than a bit of work lately on “Calming the Harsh Inner Critic” and I’ve noticed something; "How we talk to ourselves, mostly unconsciously, when we are busy, stressed and overwhelmed, is far, far worse, in my experience, than how we would talk to [...]

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How’s The Quality of Your Conversation?

Growing up, dinner time was always a time of conversation in my house. I recall listening to my Dad update my Mom on the politics at the office, who was doing what and his current views on the government. My Mom, being well-informed, had her views and was pretty feisty (which I later learned taught me how [...]

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Hearing Matters. Let Me Explain.

Hearing really matters but let me explain because it might not be what you think. I often do corporate workshops and speaking engagements and the part of these that I most enjoy is getting to meet amazing people who are eager to embrace tiny new habits that will help them get good at stress, that [...]

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Get Your Day Off On The Right Foot Intentionally

This week a friend commented to me that “not everyone heads out to a job they love each morning” and that a little pep-talk can make a difference. She shared an article she had come across in a business magazine that gave a few quick steps to get your day off on the right foot. [...]

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Live The Holidays on YOUR Terms

Have it YOUR way! Sarcastic? No, not at all. I really mean it! I was part of the most enlightening conversation last week. I meet with an amazing group of high-spirited, over-achieving, incredibly supportive Mama-prenuers each week. Together we are building a life we love while we love and care for those around us (while [...]

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Holiday Thrive Tip #2: Allow Giving in the Form of Help

Can I help with anything? Oh no, thanks, I'm good. ( can people sit and watch TV when I'm flying around this kitchen!) Dog barks...nobody jumps to let him out. (Geeeeese! Am I the only one you let Rover out and do a semi-ticked-off slam of the door, further irritated when nobody seems to [...]

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Holiday Thrive Tip #1: PLEASE Stop Judging Yourself

Its December! I genuinely appreciate you checking out this weekly share. It isn't lost on me how busy you are. With that in mind I wanted to bring you tried and tested tips and easy-to-squeeze-in practices specific to thriving this holiday season vs just surviving. Short. Simple. Easy. And yet if you show up and do them, [...]

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Happiness Check-In: 2 Quick Questions

How does your happiness rank right now? A couple nights of not-so-good sleep, a social event that wanted me more than I wanted it and some crappy take out. Yup, this happened for me (that's not a spello...I did mean "for me"). Let me elaborate. As a Women's Happiness Expert, I look at life in [...]

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Feeling Like Peace Is Out Of Reach?

Day to day, I struggle with wanting to help spread peace in the world and yet not knowing how. Sure, I could build a school or rally a group to collect aid for one of the many countries in need but some weeks I feel time is short and yet I still want to help…immediately. [...]

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Technology Insight: Choosing A Meditation App

I know it may seem like an oxymoron to put de-stressing and technology in the same title but there are some great tools available to support you! I’m sharing some info about meditaion apps so that if you choose to do so, you can easily navigate what is available.   Today let’s take a look at [...]

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Worry & Trust: How Are You Measuring Up?

Trust is one of those words that depending on how you view the world it can make you feel comfort or terror. Similarly, it can be interpreted quite differently if you are inward focused or more outward focused. Most of us spend most of our time in the later. Focused on the outside world and [...]

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Laying Awake With A Busy Mind?

Be honest with me ‘Sista. Do you ever lay in bed ruminating on a negative event only to spiral into a space where sleep just ‘aint gonna happen? Yup. Me too. Here’s a great little practice I use from the HeartMath Institute called “Attitude Breathing” and it works really well. Once in bed, close your [...]

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Perception Changes Everything

Being present or in the moment or “aware” are all ways to describe that feeling of “getting out of your head” and the 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts that each of us have, EACH DAY! That internal narrative that runs on autopilot and often lives from a perspective that life is happening TO us vs FOR [...]

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Which Kind of Mindfulness Meditation is Right for You?

I spend a good deal of time in my coaching helping my clients to find THEIR “inner calm” or the flavour of meditation/mindfulness that works best for them. Quite simply, its YOUR practice and by no means a “one-size-fits-all”. Below I am sharing a great article that recently appeared in the online magazine of the Greater Good Science Center [...]

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3 Easy Steps That Made Me Happier and Healthier

I have the best job in the world. Each day I have the pleasure of working with amazing people, just like you, who’s self-inquiry has led them on a journey to try and better manage their stress. They often tell me they live in an over-scheduled life and see no way out and yet there [...]

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