Episode #17 // Speaking for Peace

There is no shortage of fear in the world. For many on the news and for some even in their homes or communities. This week on The Full Life, I wanted to share with you some ideas around cultivating peace within your own heart first and then how you can ripple that out into a world [...]

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Episode #16 // The Full Life “Reboot” : Heart & Brain Coherence

In 3 minutes, we will bring coherence to the connection between your heart and your brain. And, wow...can this feel like a reboot! During stressful times our heart rhythms can become erratic, limiting our ability to think clearly, learn easily and make effective decisions.  Then, when we experience uplifting emotions like compassion, joy, love or appreciation, [...]

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Are You Paying Attention? Your Happiness Could be Suffering.

Do you give enough attention to the people, activities, and things that are important to you? This is a question I recently asked myself and if I’m being honest, the response was disappointing. The Problem Today Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s [...]

Episode #12 // A Full Life “Reboot”. Unplug, Breathe, Dominate!

Its a Full Life "Reboot" Episode! Take 5! This is exciting! In response to YOUR requests, I’m adding a new segment, each month, where I’ll record a guided relaxation podcast. These “Full Life Reboots” will be short (5-7min), potent and sure to engage your “relax and then take on the world” response. Today we begin [...]

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Episode #9 // : Managing Emotional Muggers, Circle of Influence and…The Rainbow Breath

About 50% of our happiness is due to our genes (yup, some of us just have happier genes than others), 10% lies in our life circumstances (income, house, job, health, ability to have kids) and the last 40% is impacted by our intentional activity. That means, the way we think, behave and the choice of [...]

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Episode #8 // People-Pleasers Unite! Learning to Say “No” Without Guilt

Are you a people pleaser? Are you the person who says YES even though in the pit of your stomach you swore you wouldn’t?  The beautiful soul who so hated to confront conflict that she said YES to that project at work that she really didn’t even feel qualified, let alone have the bandwidth, to [...]

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People-Pleasers Unite! Learning To Say NO Without Guilt

People-Pleasers Unite! I recently asked a question in my social media community around “guilt and the biggest trigger” and wow! The feedback, admissions and struggles came flowing in  like a river during spring thaw. Although the topic of guilt is a bit more than a single blog post can completely do justice I did want to [...]

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Are You Holding Space to Practice?

Part of living The Full Life is about honouring yourself, gifting yourself a daily moment or moments to gain a little clarity, to inform the lense with which you see the world. Its about getting to know yourself underneath the layers of conditioned thought that we ALL carry. Its connecting to your beautiful essence under [...]

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5 Practices to Boost Happiness at Work

You can hack-into-happiness! And here are 5 practices to boost happiness at work. Whether you love your job or not, whether you sit at a desk, in front of a sea of little faces, or even in a car traveling about - I'm sure you can use a little boost of feel good now and then. No? [...]

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Episode #6 // 5 Tips to Hack-into-Happiness at Work

Welcome to The Full Life! Whether you love your job or not, sometimes you could benefit from being happier during your 9-5. On the practical side, your day goes faster, you feel better and chances are your performance will be better if your mindset rocks. So, what can you do? Here are my top 5 [...]

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