Dr. Michaela McClure, DC

“As a mom to 2 beautiful children, a wife and chiropractor I juggle many roles. It can be a challenge finding time to do it all while maintaining balance but Amanda finds ways to help me look at life and it’s experiences in new ways; she creates a space where true transformation happens.”

Dr. Michaela McClure, DC

“Being a momma to two very active kids, owning my own marketing business and being an active volunteer in the community leaves little time for me! As a person who always says “yes” immediately and then is up at 4am trying to fit it all in, Amanda has taught me how to prioritize, and that “No” is a complete sentence. Just as important, is being mindful of what I’m doing right now, and not looking at what I need to do next. In short, Amanda rocks!!”

Christine Tolton // Entrepreneur, Founder Redcat Marketing

Christine Tolton Redcat Marketing
Cat Coode Binary Tattoo

“Between taking care of kids, aging parents and running my own tech business, it’s very easy to put my own self care at the bottom of the list. Amanda has coached me on prioritizing my well-being & being more present which results in a happier and more productive week! Amanda provides me with guidance and simple tips that anyone can fit in to their day.”

Cat Coode // Founder, Binary Tattoo

“Amanda instilled in me the importance of using breath to relax and focus when anxiety and stress take over. I now recognize my triggers for stress and am able to slow my mind down. I appreciate Amanda’s ability to relate to the demands of motherhood. She is very supportive and I looked forward to my time each week in such a positive space.”

Caitlin Clemmer // RMT and Mother of 3

Caitlin Clemmer MT and Mother of 3
Carly Kuntz Chief Relaxation Officer The Waters – An Urban Spa Retreat

“I was delighted to find out that Amanda takes a scientific approach to her instruction of meditation and how it can help the body. I had hired her to do a workshop for my team of staff and I was worried about the topic turning some people off. Amanda is so friendly and approachable and respectful that everyone (even those who never wanted to try meditation) were put at ease. Amanda provides practical tools to get started with meditation. Having come from a corporate world prior to this, Amanda really understands the demands and time constraints that many of us are under and teaches a “self-forgiving” approach to getting started with meditation.”

Carly Kuntz // Chief Relaxation Officer The Waters – An Urban Spa Retreat

“As an entrepreneur and business owner my clients are paramount. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the time they spend with Amanda in the workshops she facilitates for me. In addition, she is my personal success coach and through her insightful guidance I have had many ‘aha moments which continue to bring about real life change for me.”

Trish Unger BA, RHN // BIE Practitioner, Owner Belly Buttons

Trish Unger BA, RHN, BIE Practitioner, Owner Belly Buttons

“Amanda has hosted workshops in my boutique, which were LOVED by the attendees. The people I have introduced Amanda to, comment on her zen energy and the peacefulness she exudes. On a professional level, I have gained much insight from Amanda into the development of my own business. The perspectives she shares seem to open my universe to endless possibilities. Amanda really is a special being and I am honoured to know her.”

Jennifer Freitas // Owner, The Truth Beauty Company

“Amanda facilitated a wellness workshop for our group to share teachings and tools to reduce stress and find greater balance. In dealing with infertility, it can be a very emotional journey. Amanda understood the group, listened and shared in a way that disarmed each participant allowing them to feel comfortable and at ease. This enabled for powerful learning on everyone’s part. Amanda’s workshop was both inspirational and therapeutic, and we would highly recommend her teachings for anyone in all walks of life.”

KW Fertility Support Group

KW Fertility Support Group