Episode #13 // How is the Quality of Your Attention? Do The Assessment With Me.

Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s about 1 every 1.2 seconds…so they’re coming). Then our devices! Its now a thing to do a “digital detox” and “try” to be without your phone on your nightstand.

Are you able to pay quality attention? If not, your happiness (and the happiness of those you love) could be suffering. Let’s dig a little deeper, do a little assessment quiz and then I have 3 practices for you that will REALLY enhance the quality of your attention.

Take Away

For a free worksheet to accompany this podcast click here: AttentionWorkSheet_TheFullLife_AmandaWeber_2017 . It will really support your journey on this topic so be sure to grab it!
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About the Author:

Amanda is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. Following a very successful but highly stress-filled career in the technology sector she decided to do a 360 and follow her passion to help beautiful people, just like you, build a life THEY love WHILE they love and care for those around them, and…..she’s never looked back!

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