You probably know if you are an introvert or an extrovert, right? But do you know the same for your friends and loved ones? Perhaps your team members at work? And, do you take the next step to understand and honour how you each uniquely build your energy stores and recharge? A big part of building a life you love while you love and care for those around you is knowing who you are, knowing who those you love are, and then being present enough to honour everyone in a way that allows them the space to recharge. If you don’t, its often where friction happens, where feelings get hurt, where unneeded judgement or criticisms happen and where life can get unintendedly messy.

As always, I have a true story for you to “humanize with heart” this concept and then let’s do a little quiz (chances are you already know what you are but who doesn’t love a little quiz to tell you, you are right!).  Finally, we reflect and come out the other side honouring each other’s needs and temperaments as well as our own and journey on towards…The Full Life.


Check out a written version of the Introvert/Extrovert quiz HERE.