Recently a friend was telling me how she has been so tired of making decisions. Her husband had offered to take her out for dinner (Full Life Score!!) and he said “where would you like to go” (fair question) but she felt overwhelm… couldn’t decide where she wanted to eat or what she wanted to eat, it was later in the day and she was just spent.

I’ve found myself feeling this way – we make so many decisions in a day; some studies say in the thousands; what to wear, what to eat, decisions around home, all the ones you make at work – then there are purchases, emails requests…it just goes on and on. Choice is great, and most of us have lots of it but at some point, out brains get filled to capacity and even deciding where we want to go for dinner (which makes life easier!) can be hard.

This week I share my top 4 tools for getting good at decision fatigue. I also have some funny examples of how decision fatigue impacts us. Let’s giggle, learn and get some FULL in our beautiful Lives!

Take Away

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