Are you nice? Me too. Are you kind? Mmmmm, what the difference?

The best way for me to explain the subtle difference between nice and kind is to look at the motivation behind them.  The nice person is externally motivated.  In being nice, I would find myself doing things to make others happy even at the sacrifice of my own well-being. I was always worried what others would think of me and so, was constantly seeking their approval. Exhausting.

Kind, on the other hand, is internally motivated.  When I am being kind I recognise the importance of respecting myself as much as others. I can do for others as much as I like but not at the expense of my own well-being.  I allow myself to be in the equation, if you will.

The journey from being “nice” to being “kind” can have its bumps but I know first-hand the profound impact it can have your health, your happiness and your feelings of success both at home and work. So please be kind. Listen to the podcast episode for some great tips and an amazing share from one of my clients. You and those you love will be glad you did and you can ALL enjoy living The Full Life!

 Take Away

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