Let me introduce you to the stealthy happiness-robber that lives in your head.

For many years, I ran a narrative in my mind around all the things that were wrong with me; I have no sense of style, I’m heavy in all the wrong places, I’m not naturally smart (I have to work so hard). Then my babies came and a whole new angle; questions around my parenting, was I good wife, would my kids succeed and how it would be my fault if they didn’t, I was a bad mom for trying to have a career AND raise happy kids – its selfish to want it all. I can now see how I “toxically” used things outside me to validate the spaces where I was most cutting to myself; I used “over achieving” at my job to feed me (and make me feel better), judging others to lift myself up (and feel better), and I did my share of retail therapy for quick-hits of feel better; none of which really made me feel ….better!

I so deeply wish that at the height of my people-pleasing I had realized that the fear that something is wrong with me was my greatest block to joy. I wish I been able to notice that along with the ongoing human behavior to blame things outside of us for our happiness, that the greatest ROBBER of joy was actually living right inside my own house, inside my head!

For todays “perception shift” I am sharing a practice I have used to successfully shift when I have let the robber in and I hope you’ll join me and try this out for yourself. If you ever say to yourself, “I’m a bad parent”, “I should eat better”, “I reacted so poorly with my daughter when she needed me not to judge her”, “Why does everyone cope better than me to stress at work”, etc.. this episode was lovingly created for you.

We’re going to soften the narrative we write in our minds; to speak to ourselves as we would a best friend in need of support or of a child navigating their lack of self-confidence. This episode truly is at the heart of living The Full Life.

Take Away

The Avo-chocolate pudding I raved about can be found here, http://ohsheglows.com/2010/02/25/the-best-chocolate-pudding-you-will-ever-taste/. Try it…its amazing!