Today I want to talk about the one question that every single client I have coached answers the same way on my intake questionnaire. And it’s the ONLY questions they all answer the same. Today we are talking about permission. I have a great little worksheet that you can down load for free (link below in Take-Aways) and I really encourage you to go for it.

“Giving yourself permission to be selfish is a vital act of self-love and self-care” Nancy Levin 

Although you may not buy this at first blush, on this episode I share a story and some nuggets of wisdom with you as I can convince you to come over to the dark side of giving yourself permission. Permission for selfcare, permission to at least have a seat at the table. Why? Why do I feel compelled to hold your hand and ask you to join me on this journey? Because in order to live a full life, a life YOU can love while you care for those around you, you are going to need to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. So let’s get this taken care of right now. I promise it will be the best investment of your precious time today.

Take Aways

Download my free  PermissionSlipWorksheet grab a tea or coffee and enjoy!

I also recommend this article by Nancy Levin, Redefining and Reclaiming Selfish