“Everything can be re-framed by the way we relate to it. We have a choice”. When life gets busy, this can seem like anything but the truth. Life feels constricted, overwhelming and as though its happening TO us and not FOR us.

Not surprisingly, sitting down with best-selling author and Master Integrative Life Coach Nancy Levin was a steady stream of awesome that I am so happy to get to share with you. On this episode of The Full Life we talk about beliefs that aren’t serving us, how they are reflected to us in our day to day lives, what happens when we aren’t aware of our power to shift perception and then we dig into some pretty transformational tools that you can try at home. Tools like what to do when you feel emotionally triggered. (I know! Me too!)

Grab a refreshing drink, take a nice nourishing breath and prepared to feel a shift in perception as we explore what it means to begin Living Your Truth.

Take Away

To learn more about Nancy Levin and her transformational work, I highly recommend you continue your journey here:

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2. www.NancyLevin.com Where you’ll find a free master class, her newsletter, links to her best-selling books and an invite to a free group coaching session (which she offers weekly!)