Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose. Yup. That’s the truth. But, I have a tool for that! Today on The Full Life I share where worry was resurfacing for me this week and the practice I go through to support my best self.

I highly recommend you check it out (the episode is only 20 min) but if you need the short-notes right now, here are your steps;

1. Notice the worry, get curious about it (vs trying to shove it away)
2. Cozy up to your worry, welcome it to come close and share how its feeling
3. Ask yourself where do I feel it? How does it feel? What are the main stories I am writing around the situation?
4. Breathe. Nice long, slow, breaths. We’ve got to settle the stress response so we can get perspective.
5. Retell the worry stories with a more calm, truthful outcome. Often the outcome is I don’t really know and even that is better than worrying for the worst outcome!

Check the episode out  below as I walk you through this with some great examples and I welcome you to reach out and share or ask questions. Let’s get good at worry as we live The Full Life.