Episode #30 // When We Shift, the World Shifts with Us: Kristen Noel, Editor-in-Chief Best Self Magazine

Navigating information overload on the www can be draining to say the least. I bookmark, subscribe and frequent the outlets that consistently provide the voice of positive thought-leaders and those that feed my intellect as well as my requirement for “all things inspiring and easy on the eyes”. This is why I was so excited to sit down with the founder and editor-in-chief of Best Self Magazine. Its one of my go-to places for inspiration, motivation and FULLNESS in my life.

Kristen Noel and I talk about the craziness of life, how far we’ve come and how much we still love to learn, getting stuck on autopilot and the joy of ‘aha moments that get us unstuck.

I was also excited to dig into details of the inaugural Best Self World Summit, which is Kristen’s way of sharing wisdom from over 20 of today’s wellness, self-help and inspirational thought leaders. Its days away from launching (Sept 25, 2017) when this episode airs but archived forever which is great because pre-viewing it I realized that I’ll be going back again and again (with the accompanying workbook it comes with) to glean new nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!


Take Away

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The Free 6 month subscription that Kristen graciously offered us all! Thanks Gorgeous!  https://bestselfmedia.com/freesubscription

Best Self Magazine
Best Self World Summit 2017 (its free Sept 25-Oct1) and then after that date you can purchase it and have it forever (with the workbook) at Best Self World Summit Member

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Amanda is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. Following a very successful but highly stress-filled career in the technology sector she decided to do a 360 and follow her passion to help beautiful people, just like you, build a life THEY love WHILE they love and care for those around them, and…..she’s never looked back!

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