At one time or another we’ve probably all contemplated “would I do this if I only had 1 more day of life”. For my guest, Cathy Anello, this became much more than a contemplation, at a very difficult time in her life. It became a way of healing, learning to love her life again and then a book, podcast, radio show and life passion to share.

With her devotion to the corporate workplace blurring her truth, Cathy found herself betrayed, alone, and questioning everything her future held. This began a quest for answers to why we often choose work or money over whom, or what, is really important to us. It provoked her to ask honest questions that we may only inquire if we knew life was going to end. Faced with a simple question “would this matter if it was your last six months” she started to live again. Each day finding joy and gratitude for the people and things that really matter most.

Take Away

There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this interview! And, you can learn more about Cathy on her website, her Podcast Making Each Day Matter and her Blog Talk radio show Best Life Café. Her book Six Months to Live; Making Each Day Matter is available online, including Amazon.