It’s a Reboot Week! Let’s enjoy a few minutes to disconnect from the busy and reboot our beautiful lives.

Although few of us would argue that we wouldn’t like to feel more JOY in our day to day lives. It can become a bit allusive with the always on, 24/7 nature of our days.

Just like a compass helps us to get back on course when we are geographically lost, we can engage our very own internal JOY COMPASS when we have lost our way to joy. Let’s enjoy this relaxing little navigation exercise as we reboot our intention around bringing more joy into our lives. I must include that I learned of this beautiful little practice from the Happiness Guru himself, Dr. Robert Holden.

Here we go….

Happiness and Joy are healing emotions; they rid us of emotional toxins and shine light on lives. Amazing that you allowed this for yourself today! I wish you a beautiful week as you live The Full Life.