Sandra Muir has been gifting experiences for years. She began this tradition when she realized that her 11 nieces and nephews enjoyed activity gifts much more than toys. In fact, she loved this so much she founded a company that helped adults do just this for the kids and teens in their lives. With the holidays upon us, I asked Sandra to share her best practices with us for gifting experiences that bring joy and connection with those we love. Her insight and tips make this really doable, fun and exciting for the recipient. And hey, who doesn’t want a little less clutter and a few more happy memories in 2017!


Take Away

Here are a few of Sandra’s Top Tips:

  • Choose an experience that has a specific date (such as a concert or class) so that kids know exactly when they’ll get to participate in the experience. This also avoids the “graveyard of gift cards” related to ‘anytime’ experiences that can sometimes get forgotten.
  • As the giftee, consider participating in the experience with the child to enhance bonding, create memories, and to potentially create a tradition that can be carried over year to year.
  • Experiences usually come as a card or on a printed sheet of paper, which can be confusing to certain age groups. Consider creating a package that includes a few small consumable gifts that reflect the experience so the child still has something to open. For example, consider including some stickers, candy, and/or socks that reflect the experience that they’ll be doing.
  • When choosing an experience, consider the child’s temperament. You don’t want to scare them by giving them an experience they may not feel ready for.

Most importantly, have fun!