The holidays can be filled with contradiction; joy and overwhelm, abundance and clutter, love and frustration, harmony and reactivity, peace and resentment. Although we may not realize, we have a choice to choose nourishing feelings and reactions over those that leave us feeling stressed out. One of the best ways I know to increase the chances of things working out best is to get still and from that space of calm, visualize how we want things to unfold. This doesn’t mean that it will all be perfect; however, you might define that, but it does give you reference point to come back to. One created with best intentions for a joy-filled holiday.

Let’s embark on a guided visualization here today for a stress-less holiday. Let’s plant the seeds of intention for the feelings we want to manifest most, especially at this time of year.

As I guide you through this practice; use the worksheet ( StressLessHolidayWorksheet )to capture the essence of your desires. Really take time to visualize pictures in your mind, to feel with full emotion, to create the experience within your mind’s eye. The more you can connect to your desire, the more likely you will be able to experience it outside the practice.

From my home to YOURS, wishing the best of season with oodles of love and good memories.