We are each born with our very own navigation system. Most of us wouldn’t argue this and yet most of have struggled, at one time or another, with tuning into this inner pilot light and trusting it. How often do you go ‘outside’ yourself for answers or suggestions to validate what you know in your heart to be true? On this episode of The Full Life I had a rather practical and very insightful chat with Lisa Stamper. Lisa and her family knew from a young age that she had a very attuned ability to connect with her intuition and beyound. She recalls receiving messages from as young as 2. But, when we she had a premonition of her Oma’s passing when she was 16, it became very clear that she had a special gift. Not without hurdles, including trying to numb out these abilities with drugs and alcohol, Lisa has now fully stepped into her beautiful, unique self and shares her gifts with the world on Hearing Heaven.

On this episode we’re bringing you actionable steps to get better at recognizing your intuition and strengthening it. Trusting my gut is on my list of practices to cultivate more of for 2018 and I hope its part of your Full Life this year too.

Take Away

To reach Lisa and learn more about trusting your intuition, visit her website.

Lisa also does a weekly and very heart-felt Angel Card Reading on her YouTube channel.