Episode #41 // Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece, Your Life Is

When I was young girl I felt short and chubby. I felt awkward and not very athletic. I recall noticing the girls that were pretty. Noticed their beautiful hair. Noticed how the boys always wanted to talk to them.

I’ve been journey through a path of greater self-love for about 10 years now, gradually redefining how I see my physical body and its purpose. And, today I wanted to share a beautiful passage with you that really shifted my perspective on our bodies and their purpose. I hope you’ll grant yourself a short 8 minutes to join me on this journey and see how lands on you today.

“Your body is not your masterpiece – Your life is.” Glennon Doyle Melton

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Amanda is a Certified Instructor, Happiness Coach & the creator of The Full Life coaching program and popular weekly Podcast. Following a very successful but highly stress-filled career in the technology sector she decided to do a 360 and follow her passion to help beautiful people, just like you, build a life THEY love WHILE they love and care for those around them, and…..she’s never looked back!

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