About 50% of our happiness is due to our genes (yup, some of us just have happier genes than others), 10% lies in our life circumstances (income, house, job, health, ability to have kids) and the last 40% is impacted by our intentional activity. That means, the way we think, behave and the choice of people we surround ourselves with in our daily lives can have a very big impact on our overall level of happiness. With this in mind, we’re look at how to influence that 40% while we get good any emotional muggers in our lives…you know, the neighbour who only visits when she has problems to unload?  Yes, we all have one of these, but this tactical way to cope will really help.

We’re gonna rock this, Gorgeous! Welcome to The Full Life!

Take Away

An awesome (and quite entertaining!) article from Martha Beck on Managing Emotional Muggers [HERE]