Day to day, I struggle with wanting to help spread peace in the world and yet not knowing how. Sure, I could build a school or rally a group to collect aid for one of the many countries in need but some weeks I feel time is short and yet I still want to help…immediately. Can you relate?

Keeping in mind that our happiness is an “inside” job, I’ve created a way to make an immediate impact. Its free and will only take a few minutes a day.

Recently I began “7 Days of Peace”. It’s a guided practice that you do each day, for 7 days and the result is a ripple of peace, harmony and love in a world that frankly…well, is in desperate need.
Why don’t you join me this week and let’s journey together with it?

The feedback I’ve gotten from clients and friends who have done it is pretty awesome,
“I was amazed how quickly it began to change the way I looked at people who rubbed me the wrong way…with more compassion, and it actually felt good!” (this one made me smile)

How do you get in on this? Super easy. You can either JOIN US on email and start the “7 Days of Peace” program (1 email each morning with a quick tip of what to do that day). Or, you can read all 7 tips below and move at your own pace.

I prove to myself everyday that I must be the change I wish to see in the world and this is one of the best ways I know how to begin the journey of “inner peace” so I can support the bigger dream of peace in the world (especially important to me as a mom).

So here we go:

Day 1: Being for Peace
Invest 5 minutes in a state of peace. Put your attention on the area of your heart and with your eyes closed, silently repeat, “Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love”. After 5 minutes gently open your eyes and have a beautiful day!

Day 2: Thinking for Peace
Let all beings be happy, loved & peaceful. Set an intention for Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love for all (including yourself!!) and as you go about your day place this wish upon the people you meet. Even strangers.

Day 3: Feeling for Peace
Take a minute to FEEL compassion, kindness, understanding & love. When we feel these divine emotions we actually help our bodies and minds to heal from past upset, to flourish today and to spread peace and tolerance in the world. Sending you love as you FEEL into peace today.

Day 4: Speaking for Peace
Let your purpose for speaking be to create happiness for you and others. As you interact with people today consciously choose words that are positive. Resist the urge to complain, criticize or condemn.

Day 5: Acting for Peace
Help someone in need today; act out of compassion. Without the need for recognition or thanks, help or offer a gift to someone today. Something as simple as a smile can change the outcome of someone’s day (and yours!).

Day 6: Creating for Peace
Set an intention to create trust with those around you and to let go of hidden animosity and hostility. Today act on one creative way to lessen conflict in your life. This could be with a family member, co-worker or how about on social media? Consider things from their side, put yourself in their shoes, and try to let go of any tensions. Replace feelings with a little understanding.

Day 7: Sharing for Peace
Share this peace-making practice with a friend. Your new practice will expand very naturally and bring gifts of peace and harmony in many areas of your life if you continue in small ways. Today begin this powerful ripple by sharing a part of your Peace Practice with a friend.

Wishing you Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love,

(Download your copy of the peacepracticehandout here)