This week a friend commented to me that “not everyone heads out to a job they love each morning” and that a little pep-talk can make a difference. She shared an article she had come across in a business magazine that gave a few quick steps to get your day off on the right foot. Intention-setting. Love it!

BINGO I thought. This is a theme I can definitely elaborate on as many of you have shared with me that you enjoy your job (or most parts of it) but that some days, depending on what’s on the to do list, you don’t jump out of bed full of passion to get out the door. Or, that you actually aren’t that happy in your jobs but would value tools to be in a positive mind-set as you work towards a new career.

If there is one thing I have learned (personally and professionally) its that where attention goes, energy flows and if I focus on what I don’t like….the Universe serves me MORE and if I can consciously focus on what I DO like…well, the Universe serves me MORE of that too!

New research shared recently on reported that “people who psych themselves up for work on their commute to the office are happier”.

Now, this isn’t about pretending, Gorgeous. This is about CONSCIOUSLY DECIDING to set an intention that will serve your highest good, best of health, and happiness. And, to do it first thing in the day before the tone is set for you.

Here’s what it looks like:
1. As you wake, while your eyes are still closed, set an intention to NOTICE positive events in your work day (a great cup of java, a good parking spot, a smile from someone).

2. During your day when one of these “positive” events happens, just pause for a moment and acknowledge that you asked for it and that your request was answered.

3. Kick butt, Be awesome, Repeat.

I’m making this short and simple so you will have the time and motivation to try. Why? Because I started this way and it has grown into a huge part of consciously building a life a love while trusting that the Universe will deliver me what I ask for (and trust me, you’re asking…you may just not consciously realize where you are placing most of your requests).

What do you say you give it a try and report back to me? Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

And I want to hear it all; if it worked for you, if it didn’t work, any great stories, questions…

I’m not just in your front row (and your inbox) because I have tools to share. I’m here because the scenery is beautiful!