How does your happiness rank right now?

A couple nights of not-so-good sleep, a social event that wanted me more than I wanted it and some crappy take out. Yup, this happened for me (that’s not a spello…I did mean “for me”). Let me elaborate.

As a Women’s Happiness Expert, I look at life in two ways; experiences either fill my bucket or empty my bucket. Its pretty much that simple. The trick is to slow down and honour myself enough to say “hell ‘ya!” to the bucket-fillers and “no thanks” to the other.

On this particular week I kinda, totally, didn’t show up for myself. The good news is that I “noticed” and was able to stop the damage before it spilled into another week. This is where happiness coaching really excels. We acknowledge when things aren’t working “for” us and get about changing that.

So I have 2 questions for you:

1. What, in your beautiful life, is currently emptying your bucket? What are you doing that you don’t look forward to?  Feel not-so-good after eating? Harbour emotional toxins around?


2. What, in your beautiful life, is currently filling your bucket? What on the calendar are you excited about? What did you eat for breakfast that FELT good? Who do you spend time with that brings out the best in you?

Taking a little time to answer these 2 questions and then honouring that you are in control of your happiness AND deserving of it can make all the difference building a life you LOVE while you’re loving and caring for those around you.

Still feeling like its out of reach? Let me remind you of that pivotal moment in my life when my son told me “Mom, I’m so glad you are happy. When you weren’t happy I felt guilty being happy around you. Now I don’t limit my happiness”.

CAREGIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE, you may think being super-woman is working for you but all the people who love you really want….is for YOU to have a full bucket and be happy.

I did this, I do this, I mess up, I notice, I get back in the game. And, you can too! It all starts with 2 questions. What are your answers?

I’m right there in your front row cheering you on,


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