Hearing really matters but let me explain because it might not be what you think.

I often do corporate workshops and speaking engagements and the part of these that I most enjoy is getting to meet amazing people who are eager to embrace tiny new habits that will help them get good at stress, that will bring them more joy and happiness, and that will turn what feels like BUSY into A FULL Life.

This past week I was working with a Women’s Peer-to-Peer group at Unitron Global. After an amazing hour with these beautiful women I mentioned I needed to pop into the bathroom before I left. I had seen the most awesome sign there when I arrived and I wanted to take a photo of it. I know, this probably sounds funny but hear me out. ..

When I went to the bathroom upon arrival I saw a little sign that said, “BEAUTIFUL. Definition: A person who is reading this”.  Seriously…it stopped me in my tracks. Isn’t that so nice!!  When I mentioned to the HR Director how awesome I thought this was she said “I know, and I don’t even know who did it!”. I had assumed it was an HR initiative but it looks like it was a random act of complete goodwill.

Hearing Matters. Yes, ironically it really matters at Unitron Global because its the very thing they do; help people to hear better. But, what I mean is that there are messages of support and encouragement all around us. The challenge is noticing them, acknowledging them, taking a few long, slow breaths to really let them “land” on us, heal us, love us.

So let’s do this!

If you haven’t been told today, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (the image here is the actual photo I took). And my challenge for you is to be present and see what gifts of love and support are trying to be heard in your Full Life. I promise they are there, just waiting for you.

From Your Front Row where the view is ….BEAUTIFUL!