Its December!

I genuinely appreciate you checking out this weekly share. It isn’t lost on me how busy you are. With that in mind I wanted to bring you tried and tested tips and easy-to-squeeze-in practices specific to thriving this holiday season vs just surviving.

Short. Simple. Easy. And yet if you show up and do them, they can help you make “FULL” feel like the new “BUSY”. (Full meaning go ahead and do ALL the stuff you want to but from a place of choice and enjoyment)

Holiday Thrive TIP #1
Breathe When You Judge Yourself

I’ve been buzzing about our house getting holiday décor up. December is especially busy for us as its my daughters birthday and we really try to make that a separate event from all the holiday stuff. As you can see from the photo above, my “Holiday Prankster” son likes to sense me in this slightly “stressed” state, and do things to infuse humour in my need- for-law-and-order house.

These stunts (yes, he’s been praying on my vulnerabilities for a long time, bless his sweet 21 year old soul) would have wound me up and frustrated me to the point of outward irritation years ago.

Order meant I had it together. Having it together meant there could be peace in the house. Having peace in the house would make me a good wife and mother…a shining example of perfect. YUK!

When we set expectations for ourselves from a place of “I’m not good enough” we can miss the fun, stress-reducing, laughter of life. So this holiday season I encourage to:

NOTICE when you are feeling contracted (frustrated, judged, small)
Slow down for a minute and OBSERVE your story
Take a LONG, SLOW, DEEP, BREATH And SMILE (that’s it….just smile)

There is so much juiciness to life just waiting to make you laugh, teach you a lesson on not taking things personally, allow you to enjoy with an open heart your kido’s sense of humour. BUT, we have to be willing to do some self enquiry to get the gift. Smiling will help to get you to that space of expansion.

Supporting you in building a life you LOVE while you love and care for those around you and,

Sending the magic of December your way,

Amanda xx