I am an extrovert.

As far back as I can recall I would get so excited when a party or get together was booked or when I knew we we’d be going somewhere there would be lots of people, even the mall. I couldn’t wait to meet people, chat, socialise, it just energized me! And in fact, I’ve also learned that when we get home from a show or concert or party it takes me a while to come back down.

Recently I was sitting at home watching some TV (probably Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gains) and my son came home. He’d been out at a social gathering and I was so excited to hear all about it!! I had actually been waiting for him to come home so I could “kindly” barrage him with questions.
He came in, and as he headed straight for his bed – I jumped up excited and began being…well…ME!!

I hardly noticed his glazed look of exhaustion until my loving partner said out loud, “Honey, I think you’re overwhelming him”.

My son is a text-book introvert. When he gets home from a social function or anywhere that is full of that heightened energy he, like most introverts, needs solitude. Quiet, aloneness. He needs too balance and begin to recharge.

A big part of The Full Life, of building a life you love while you love and care for those around you is knowing who you are, knowing who those you love are, and then being present enough to honour everyone in a way that allows them the space to recharge. If you don’t, its often where friction happens, where feelings get hurt, where unneeded judgement or criticisms happen and where life can get unintendedly messy.

Can you relate? Great. Let’s do some work!

The Quiz

Answer each question True or False

1. I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities.
2. I enjoy solitude.
3. I dislike small talk (its draining to me), but I enjoy talking in-depth about topics that matter to me.
4. People tell me that I’m a good listener.
5. I like to celebrate birthdays on a small scale, with only one or two close friends or family members.
6. People describe me as “soft-spoken” or “mellow.” I don’t say a lot but when I do, people seems to listen (at least that’s what I’m told)
7. I prefer not to show or discuss my work with others until it’s finished.
8. I dislike conflict.
9. I feel drained after being out and about, even if I’ve enjoyed myself.
10. If I had to choose, I’d prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled.

The more often you answered True, the more introverted you probably are. The more you answered False, the more extroverted you likely are. And, if you were even-steven, you could be an ambivert, which basically means you have a balance of qualities.

Do you know if the people you love are introverts or extroverts?

Understanding your temperament AND the temperament of those you love deepens connection and respect, trust and openness. When you are present in life’s day-to-day, you respect yourself and others and interact accordingly from a place of love and acceptance. And, that’s what I call…The Full Life.

(Quiz Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/quiet-the-power-introverts/201103/quiz-are-you-introvert-or-extrovert-and-why-it-matters  Susan Cain)