Note:  A short excerpt from my 100 Days with Mom Project. To check out more visit my Instagram page.

“How would you like to feel?”

I spent most of my life not realizing that how I feel is a choice. One day, before my mom passed I heard a friend and mentor, Nancy Levin, say “you have emotions, they don’t have you”. It was one of those mic drop moments for me. “You mean I get to DECIDE how I want to feel / react to people and situations?”

It then became a very conscious choice for me to step out of the victim feelings I had around nearly every interaction with my mom, and decide to choose CURIOSITY (gratitude would have been better but quite honestly – it was too far a stretch in those early days).

My mom passed a short time later but the memories and emotional  experiences I was able to choose and have in that window of time enabled me to do some of my best “mother” healing work while she was still alive.

I encourage you to begin to explore your “mother” wounds –  we all have them, even those who had amazing mothers. These are core connection wounds, that manifest in many ways. But they all begin with a discomfort that asks, “how would you like to feel?”