Are you a good worrier?

Me too. Even though intellectually I understand that it robs me of my happiness.

I’ve learned to NOTICE worry quite quickly (the “noticing” is my super-power) and then investigate the story I’m writing that is causing me to worry. Once I do this – I can almost always write a “non-worry” story and get myself grounded again. Here is a great example (promise not to laugh!!?)

In the photo here you’ll spot an iguana peeping over the eves trough – see him? He’s been all over the property we rented in Costa Rica this week. He’s very friendly and I’ve grown attached to him. BUT, he has 1 habit that is driving me crazy!!! He walks (and slides) on the roof- especially at night while I lay in bed. The first night my stomach was in knots WORRYING that he’d fall off the roof and break a leg. Ok, you promised NOT to laugh. I could sleep at all!

And then I NOTICED.

I noticed I was writing a story that he was going to hurt himself. I investigated and decided on a new story; this guy lives here, he’s put himself on the roof by choice, he has sharp claws and hunts high in trees. He’s probably NOT going to fall and therefor not going to break a leg and …..and get ready for this….

I’m not going to have to watch him suffer.

And there it is….my fear of having to see this guy suffer was at the root of my worry. It causes me so much pain to see another sentient being suffer. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been vegetarian most of my life.

It’s all so clear to me now. I let my worry take hold – almost automatically – wrote a story to support it and then began to suffer. BUT, once I noticed and used inquiry as a tool I unpacked it all and now I’m just enjoying this guy.

By the way, my daughter named him Muana the Iguana (and she hasn’t worried once about him falling!)

Oh well, a Empath-Mama’s work is never done. (And I have nursed a couple kids through broken bones…you know who you are Matt!)

Are you a worrier? Could my super-power help you? I hope so. Worry does rob you of happiness and we can’t have that in ….The Full Life.