Have it YOUR way!

Sarcastic? No, not at all. I really mean it!

I was part of the most enlightening conversation last week. I meet with an amazing group of high-spirited, over-achieving, incredibly supportive Mama-prenuers each week. Together we are building a life we love while we love and care for those around us (while remaining balanced and sane!).

The topic last week: Always do your best – nothing less and…..nothing MORE. The “nothing more” part began a really interesting self enquiry about why the “people-pleasers” naturally go above and beyond their best instead of opt’ing to keep some in the reserve tank for other projects or heaven forbid….THEMSELVES!!! (insert guilt music!!)

What does this have to do with our Holiday Thrive Tip #3?

Often we go into the holiday season trying to meet or exceed undefined expectations that we place on ourselves.

“I noticed you have your Christmas tree up and no decorations” (group giggles)
“I do…I’m enjoying how it looks in its natural state” (more giggles)
“I am a minimalist, lights on the mantle and 2 advent calendars for my kids…that’s it! I don’t even like trees”
“Eeek! I have 5 trees…1 in each of my kids rooms and 3 others around the house. But, I love it!”

(open chatter about how we are different, who’s stressed about holiday décor, various memories of growing up…)

And then one wise soul says, “there isn’t really a right or wrong, we should all just do our best…nothing less and nothing MORE”. Well said.

And so I request, beautiful tribe, decide what makes YOU happy, what fills your YOUR bucket and embrace Holiday Thrive (not just survive) Tip #3: Live The Holidays on Your Terms. All people really want is for peace and joy for those they love and the best way to give them this is by keeping yourself and your desires in the equation this season. A little for everyone.

Wishing you oodles of Holiday Cheer from my hOMe to yours,