Its one thing that I identify as a people-pleaser, but caught up in my recovery, I wasn’t paying “conscious” attention to how my disease to please might be impacting my kids.

Might you be “unknowingly” raising a people-pleaser?

I thought it might be a good check-in for all of us to make ensure we are encouraging our kids that it isn’t just “ok” to consider themselves in their decisions, its really critical to their happiness!

Advise as small as “part of being a good friend is learning to say no, with kindness, when you don’t want to do something”.

With my daughter, who is now 6 (and by the way…even at 6 there are struggles in the playground around pleasing!) we do a little role playing. I actually let her hear herself say something like “Rosie, I don’t want to be the mean queen again, I would like to be the princess today”.

People-Pleasers Unite! Let’s deepen our practice as we encourage those around us to love themselves. How amazing is that intention!

Want to Learn More?

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From my home to yours, sending love, laughter and some “gentle” no’s,