Being present or in the moment or “aware” are all ways to describe that feeling of “getting out of your head” and the 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts that each of us have, EACH DAY!

That internal narrative that runs on autopilot and often lives from a perspective that life is happening TO us vs FOR us.

This subtle shift in perception has literally changed the way I see life and it’s experiences.

When I can be present during difficult times (even little challenges like why is B sick …today when I have a full day of work), take a few long, slow, deep, breaths and then ask “why is this happening FOR me today?” Wow…can I learn a lot!

The truth is, Life Loves You!

And, when things happen and we feel reactive or upset or angry or judged … If we can tweak the narrative in our mind from “to me” to “for me”… You’ll be surprised how your intuition may bless you with greater awareness, greater self love and yes, some nuggets of Inner Wisdom.

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