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The Full Life Podcast

We’re all working on Life, aren’t we?

So many people I coach say they desire to thrive and not just survive but life gets busy, we run on a kind of autopilot that doesn’t maximize our inner calling to be happy, healthy and successful….however we each uniquely define it.

The reality is that life IS busy – great things we “should” read, habits we “want” to start, things we “need to” get to.

That train stops here.

In 20 minute bites, each week I’ll bring you Inspiring true stories coupled with “easy-to-squeeze-in” practices that will spark joy and happiness in your beautiful. Deep breath. You’ve got this! And I’ll hold the space for you to experience it!

Together we’ll enjoy:

  • A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing; more acceptance, less guilt (yup..really!)
  • More patience, strengthened intuition and less second-guessing ourselves
  • Greater passion and purpose in your daily life with family, friends and career


So let’s call FULL the new BUSY and together we’ll build a life you love,
while you love and care for those around you.

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Episode #42 // Flossing and A Positive Morning Ritual

There is something I do EVERY MORNING, that I kid is more important than flossing my teeth (but I’m enough of a rule-follower that I do both), and it’s a huge part of my journey toward enjoying The Full Life. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time (3 minutes the science says, and I can corroborate that). It’s a positive morning ritual.

Here is the skinny: Just a few minutes spent consuming negative news in the morning can affect the trajectory of your entire day.  Research done by The Institute for Applied Positive Research showed that people who consumed as little as 3 minutes of negative news before 10am were 27% more likely to report their day as BAD, 6-8 hours later, regardless of what happened in their day.

Episode #42 is all about how to have a positive morning ritual, even if you have kids, dogs and a job. Let’s do this!

Take Away

Download my idea list to start a Positive Morning Ritual today! –>> MorningRitualDIYs

Episode #41 // Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece, Your Life Is

When I was young girl I felt short and chubby. I felt awkward and not very athletic. I recall noticing the girls that were pretty. Noticed their beautiful hair. Noticed how the boys always wanted to talk to them.

I’ve been journey through a path of greater self-love for about 10 years now, gradually redefining how I see my physical body and its purpose. And, today I wanted to share a beautiful passage with you that really shifted my perspective on our bodies and their purpose. I hope you’ll grant yourself a short 8 minutes to join me on this journey and see how lands on you today.

“Your body is not your masterpiece – Your life is.” Glennon Doyle Melton

Episode #40 // Energy Speaks Louder Than Words

Quite a few years ago when I was attending my first retreat at The Chopra Center for Wellness I sat in on a lecture with one of my favourite spiritual teachers and co-founder of The Chopra Center, Dr. David Simon.  He shared the essence of a quote from Emerson, a writer and poet who led the transcendental movement in the mid 19th century.  It went something like this, “What you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying”.

Do you ever meet someone and although the conversation is fair, your intuition just doesn’t trust them? Or perhaps you just decide you don’t really like them but you are not sure why? Vibrational dissonance is an interesting term that describes how we connect to how someone “feels” vs the words they speak and it’s a very interesting awareness to have when you are seeking to live a more fulfilled and conscious life.  Its no fun trying to “live and let live” and practice non-judgement with others when they spark these feelings you in.  Like wise, others can feel “out of balance” around us if we aren’t speaking words that are true to our heart.

Today I’m sharing a little exercise I do, when these feelings arise. Its really helped me to soften into the idea that we are all doing the best we can but that we each wake in the morning with a different level of self-awareness to carry on our day.

Less Judgement, More Love. That’s the secret.


Take Away

I mentioned the book Soul Shifts, if you are inclined its an amazing read. You can find it at Dr. Barbara DeAngelis.

Episode #39 // Trusting Your Intuition with Guest, Lisa Stamper

We are each born with our very own navigation system. Most of us wouldn’t argue this and yet most of have struggled, at one time or another, with tuning into this inner pilot light and trusting it. How often do you go ‘outside’ yourself for answers or suggestions to validate what you know in your heart to be true? On this episode of The Full Life I had a rather practical and very insightful chat with Lisa Stamper. Lisa and her family knew from a young age that she had a very attuned ability to connect with her intuition and beyound. She recalls receiving messages from as young as 2. But, when we she had a premonition of her Oma’s passing when she was 16, it became very clear that she had a special gift. Not without hurdles, including trying to numb out these abilities with drugs and alcohol, Lisa has now fully stepped into her beautiful, unique self and shares her gifts with the world on Hearing Heaven.

On this episode we’re bringing you actionable steps to get better at recognizing your intuition and strengthening it. Trusting my gut is on my list of practices to cultivate more of for 2018 and I hope its part of your Full Life this year too.

Take Away

To reach Lisa and learn more about trusting your intuition, visit her website.

Lisa also does a weekly and very heart-felt Angel Card Reading on her YouTube channel.

Episode #38 // Holiday Reboot: Stress-Less Guided Visualization Exercise

The holidays can be filled with contradiction; joy and overwhelm, abundance and clutter, love and frustration, harmony and reactivity, peace and resentment. Although we may not realize, we have a choice to choose nourishing feelings and reactions over those that leave us feeling stressed out. One of the best ways I know to increase the chances of things working out best is to get still and from that space of calm, visualize how we want things to unfold. This doesn’t mean that it will all be perfect; however, you might define that, but it does give you reference point to come back to. One created with best intentions for a joy-filled holiday.

Let’s embark on a guided visualization here today for a stress-less holiday. Let’s plant the seeds of intention for the feelings we want to manifest most, especially at this time of year.

As I guide you through this practice; use the worksheet ( StressLessHolidayWorksheet )to capture the essence of your desires. Really take time to visualize pictures in your mind, to feel with full emotion, to create the experience within your mind’s eye. The more you can connect to your desire, the more likely you will be able to experience it outside the practice.

From my home to YOURS, wishing the best of season with oodles of love and good memories.

Episode #35 // Do You Exercise Self Compassion?

Welcome to The Full Life! I’ve been on the horn lately about getting good at Self Compassion. For many, it’s the soft side of a more critical conversation we have with ourselves when we don’t measure up. “Good heavens, don’t be kind to yourself! You’ll never do better!” is more the norm. There is loads to cover here but today I want to provide some insight into 3 things; First, why should you care about practicing self compassion, then, what is it exactly and finally, how to begin to practice it. Baby steps as always!  So, that’s exactly what we do today on the podcast! 

Episode #34// The Full Life Reboot: A Self Compassion Break

This week on our REBOOT episode (those short ones aimed at giving us a few minutes of “guided” stillness) we’re exploring a Self Compassion Break. This particular one is based on the work of Kristen Neff. She is, in my eyes, a self compassion Guru (check out her TedTalk for more on this subject

We’re finding a quite place to sit. A moment to close our yes. And, yes, I will guide you through the whole process. Enjoy!

Episode #33 // Busy is a Disease of Perception

I’m always open to chatting about busy; it seems everyone else is, too. Is epidemic too strong a word to describe the extent to which ‘busy’ is impacting our health, our happiness, and the quality of our relationships? I don’t think so.

It really hit home recently when I read these words from Dr. Suzanne Koven, physician of internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston: “In the past few years, I’ve observed an epidemic of sorts: patient after patient suffering from the same condition. The symptoms of this condition include fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, heartburn, bowel disturbances, back pain, and weight gain. There are no blood tests or X-rays diagnostic of this condition, and yet it’s easy to recognize. The condition is excessive busyness.”

Busy, the disease of perception. There is no real way to diagnose it but the effects are real; physically and emotionally. Today I share with you a story of how busy impacts life with our loved ones and a little inquiry to help you Trade Busy for Full.

Episode #32 // The Full Life Reboot: Your JOY Compass

It’s a Reboot Week! Let’s enjoy a few minutes to disconnect from the busy and reboot our beautiful lives.

Although few of us would argue that we wouldn’t like to feel more JOY in our day to day lives. It can become a bit allusive with the always on, 24/7 nature of our days.

Just like a compass helps us to get back on course when we are geographically lost, we can engage our very own internal JOY COMPASS when we have lost our way to joy. Let’s enjoy this relaxing little navigation exercise as we reboot our intention around bringing more joy into our lives. I must include that I learned of this beautiful little practice from the Happiness Guru himself, Dr. Robert Holden.

Here we go….

Happiness and Joy are healing emotions; they rid us of emotional toxins and shine light on lives. Amazing that you allowed this for yourself today! I wish you a beautiful week as you live The Full Life.

Episode #31 // Making Each Day Matter with Author, Cathy Anello

At one time or another we’ve probably all contemplated “would I do this if I only had 1 more day of life”. For my guest, Cathy Anello, this became much more than a contemplation, at a very difficult time in her life. It became a way of healing, learning to love her life again and then a book, podcast, radio show and life passion to share.

With her devotion to the corporate workplace blurring her truth, Cathy found herself betrayed, alone, and questioning everything her future held. This began a quest for answers to why we often choose work or money over whom, or what, is really important to us. It provoked her to ask honest questions that we may only inquire if we knew life was going to end. Faced with a simple question “would this matter if it was your last six months” she started to live again. Each day finding joy and gratitude for the people and things that really matter most.

Take Away

There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this interview! And, you can learn more about Cathy on her website, her Podcast Making Each Day Matter and her Blog Talk radio show Best Life Café. Her book Six Months to Live; Making Each Day Matter is available online, including Amazon.


Episode #30 // When We Shift, the World Shifts with Us: Kristen Noel, Editor-in-Chief Best Self Magazine

Navigating information overload on the www can be draining to say the least. I bookmark, subscribe and frequent the outlets that consistently provide the voice of positive thought-leaders and those that feed my intellect as well as my requirement for “all things inspiring and easy on the eyes”. This is why I was so excited to sit down with the founder and editor-in-chief of Best Self Magazine. Its one of my go-to places for inspiration, motivation and FULLNESS in my life.

Kristen Noel and I talk about the craziness of life, how far we’ve come and how much we still love to learn, getting stuck on autopilot and the joy of ‘aha moments that get us unstuck.

I was also excited to dig into details of the inaugural Best Self World Summit, which is Kristen’s way of sharing wisdom from over 20 of today’s wellness, self-help and inspirational thought leaders. Its days away from launching (Sept 25, 2017) when this episode airs but archived forever which is great because pre-viewing it I realized that I’ll be going back again and again (with the accompanying workbook it comes with) to glean new nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!


Take Away

A few related links you’ll want to have:

The Free 6 month subscription that Kristen graciously offered us all! Thanks Gorgeous!

Best Self Magazine
Best Self World Summit 2017 (its free Sept 25-Oct1) and then after that date you can purchase it and have it forever (with the workbook) at Best Self World Summit Member

Episode #29 // Be Feel Think Do with Anne Berube

If you have ever asked yourself the question “is that my intuition or am I writing that story with my ego, my fears, my intellect”, this episode will offer you a beautiful way to navigate. Today I have a wonderful conversation with Author, Speaker, Spiritual Coach and creator of The Happiness Sessions, Anne Berube. Her new book titled Be Feel Think Do was my favourite read this past summer and so I had dozens of questions for Anne. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

A Little Background on Anne Berube

In her inspirational memoir Anne explores her journey of learning how to prioritize being and feeling in order to experience life richly, fully, and true to her soul’s calling. At the age of 23 Anne’s life was interrupted by a near fatal car accident and mystical experience. Trapped in the car, unable to breathe, she had a vision that forever realigned her life’s trajectory. The following years were marked by chronic pain, emotional turmoil, and malaise, through which her journey of introspection and personal transformation would eventually lead to profound insights around self-healing, inner peace, and soul-realization. Anne opens her heart and her mind to the universe’s wisdom, providing guidance and comfort to those who feel at the precipice of change and awakening.

Take Away

To learn more from Anne Berube you can find her beautiful new book, Be Feel Think Do, online and in stores. You can also learn more about her events and programs at, including The Happiness Sessions which will be in April of 2018 in beautiful Nova Scotia.

Episode #28 // A Practice To Get Good At Worry

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose. Yup. That’s the truth. But, I have a tool for that! Today on The Full Life I share where worry was resurfacing for me this week and the practice I go through to support my best self.

I highly recommend you check it out (the episode is only 20 min) but if you need the short-notes right now, here are your steps;

1. Notice the worry, get curious about it (vs trying to shove it away)
2. Cozy up to your worry, welcome it to come close and share how its feeling
3. Ask yourself where do I feel it? How does it feel? What are the main stories I am writing around the situation?
4. Breathe. Nice long, slow, breaths. We’ve got to settle the stress response so we can get perspective.
5. Retell the worry stories with a more calm, truthful outcome. Often the outcome is I don’t really know and even that is better than worrying for the worst outcome!

Check the episode out  below as I walk you through this with some great examples and I welcome you to reach out and share or ask questions. Let’s get good at worry as we live The Full Life.

Episode #27 // Living Your Truth with Nancy Levin

“Everything can be re-framed by the way we relate to it. We have a choice”. When life gets busy, this can seem like anything but the truth. Life feels constricted, overwhelming and as though its happening TO us and not FOR us.

Not surprisingly, sitting down with best-selling author and Master Integrative Life Coach Nancy Levin was a steady stream of awesome that I am so happy to get to share with you. On this episode of The Full Life we talk about beliefs that aren’t serving us, how they are reflected to us in our day to day lives, what happens when we aren’t aware of our power to shift perception and then we dig into some pretty transformational tools that you can try at home. Tools like what to do when you feel emotionally triggered. (I know! Me too!)

Grab a refreshing drink, take a nice nourishing breath and prepared to feel a shift in perception as we explore what it means to begin Living Your Truth.

Take Away

To learn more about Nancy Levin and her transformational work, I highly recommend you continue your journey here:

1. Join this free and private community on Facebook and enjoy amazing insights with Nancy and her super-fan base of thousands

2. Where you’ll find a free master class, her newsletter, links to her best-selling books and an invite to a free group coaching session (which she offers weekly!)


Episode #26 // Life Strategies for Sensitive People with Guest Dr. Judith Orloff

How do you navigate the world if you are a sensitive person? What’s the difference between having empathy and being an empath? I’ve invited the perfect person to help us unpack this; Best Selling Author (x 6!!), Psychiatrist and Empath, Dr. Judith Orloff.

Her new book and the focus of our chat, The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life strategies for Sensitive People, is filled with so much wisdom. It’s a perfect read for empaths but also for those of us who have highly sensitive and empathic people in our lives. Understanding their needs and gifts can really make life sing, for everyone.

Dr. Orloff shares practical strategies for staying fully open while building resilience along with some of her own journey as an Empath.

Take Away

You can find The Empath’s Survival Guide on Amazon and become part of Dr. Orloff’s empath support community through her free newsletter.  Her website is also an amazing resource for sensitive people.

Not sure if you are an Empath? Take the quiz here. Its very insightful (and fun 🙂 )

Episode #25 // The Full Life Reboot: Exploring WHY You Give

It’s a REBOOT week! Taking moments for gentle reflection has been and continues to be where my greatest ‘aha moments and perception shift have made themselves known. These are the practices that have allowed me to trade busy for full as I build this life I love while I care for those around me.

But who has time!? You do!

This week we gently, and with an open mind, explore the intention behind why you give.  Often we give from our ego which ends up feeling like sacrifice or even fear but when we can gently lean in to giving from our heart…well that is a game changer. Today I’ll walk you through the very exercise I do daily to check-in and make sure I’m giving from a well of love and abundance. Trust me…it feels great!

Episode #24 // Your Permission Slip for Self-Care

Today I want to talk about the one question that every single client I have coached answers the same way on my intake questionnaire. And it’s the ONLY questions they all answer the same. Today we are talking about permission. I have a great little worksheet that you can down load for free (link below in Take-Aways) and I really encourage you to go for it.

“Giving yourself permission to be selfish is a vital act of self-love and self-care” Nancy Levin 

Although you may not buy this at first blush, on this episode I share a story and some nuggets of wisdom with you as I can convince you to come over to the dark side of giving yourself permission. Permission for selfcare, permission to at least have a seat at the table. Why? Why do I feel compelled to hold your hand and ask you to join me on this journey? Because in order to live a full life, a life YOU can love while you care for those around you, you are going to need to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. So let’s get this taken care of right now. I promise it will be the best investment of your precious time today.

Take Aways

Download my free  PermissionSlipWorksheet grab a tea or coffee and enjoy!

I also recommend this article by Nancy Levin, Redefining and Reclaiming Selfish

Episode #23 // The Basics of Meditating with Your Kids

Just like adults, kids feel stress. And, for them it can be even harder as they lack the life experience to have perspective and the resources to support their feelings.

This week on The Full Life I share the basics of meditating with your kids. I have some tips to remember so the process is easy, comfortable and most importantly fun and I include 2 different practices that you can try. These are practices that I do regularly with young people so you can rest assured they are practical and a great way to feel like you are supporting your kidos while you de-stress yourself.

Welcome to…The Full Life!

Episode #22 // Managing Your Stealthy Happiness Robber

Let me introduce you to the stealthy happiness-robber that lives in your head.

For many years, I ran a narrative in my mind around all the things that were wrong with me; I have no sense of style, I’m heavy in all the wrong places, I’m not naturally smart (I have to work so hard). Then my babies came and a whole new angle; questions around my parenting, was I good wife, would my kids succeed and how it would be my fault if they didn’t, I was a bad mom for trying to have a career AND raise happy kids – its selfish to want it all. I can now see how I “toxically” used things outside me to validate the spaces where I was most cutting to myself; I used “over achieving” at my job to feed me (and make me feel better), judging others to lift myself up (and feel better), and I did my share of retail therapy for quick-hits of feel better; none of which really made me feel ….better!

I so deeply wish that at the height of my people-pleasing I had realized that the fear that something is wrong with me was my greatest block to joy. I wish I been able to notice that along with the ongoing human behavior to blame things outside of us for our happiness, that the greatest ROBBER of joy was actually living right inside my own house, inside my head!

For todays “perception shift” I am sharing a practice I have used to successfully shift when I have let the robber in and I hope you’ll join me and try this out for yourself. If you ever say to yourself, “I’m a bad parent”, “I should eat better”, “I reacted so poorly with my daughter when she needed me not to judge her”, “Why does everyone cope better than me to stress at work”, etc.. this episode was lovingly created for you.

We’re going to soften the narrative we write in our minds; to speak to ourselves as we would a best friend in need of support or of a child navigating their lack of self-confidence. This episode truly is at the heart of living The Full Life.

Take Away

The Avo-chocolate pudding I raved about can be found here, Try it…its amazing!

Episode #21 // Calm Your Busy Mind at Bedtime

Its 3am. You wake and then decide to take on solving the really big worries that are fighting for space in your busy mind. Why!? Why does our mind do this to us, its so unkind.

Good quality sleep is a big part of enjoying The Full Life and the most common aspect of sleep that I am asked about is “what can I do to calm my busy mind at night”.  There is no 1 size fits all cure but here are 3 tips that I have tested and had good success with. Sweet Dreams!

Take Away

Show notes at 



Episode #20 // Full Life “Reboot” : Building A Sacred Garden In Your Mind

Welcome to Episode #20 and another Full Life “Reboot”. In our short guided practice this week I give you a chance to rest, digest and heal. I guide you to de-stress, connect to your FULL (vs the BUSY the world would have you running for) and to replenish your beautiFUL Self.  We’re going to be building a sacred garden and I suspect you’ll love it!



Take Away

For a printed version of this guided practice visit SacredGardenGuidedPractice.

Episode #19 // Nice vs Kind: Its Impacting Your Happiness

Are you nice? Me too. Are you kind? Mmmmm, what the difference?

The best way for me to explain the subtle difference between nice and kind is to look at the motivation behind them.  The nice person is externally motivated.  In being nice, I would find myself doing things to make others happy even at the sacrifice of my own well-being. I was always worried what others would think of me and so, was constantly seeking their approval. Exhausting.

Kind, on the other hand, is internally motivated.  When I am being kind I recognise the importance of respecting myself as much as others. I can do for others as much as I like but not at the expense of my own well-being.  I allow myself to be in the equation, if you will.

The journey from being “nice” to being “kind” can have its bumps but I know first-hand the profound impact it can have your health, your happiness and your feelings of success both at home and work. So please be kind. Listen to the podcast episode for some great tips and an amazing share from one of my clients. You and those you love will be glad you did and you can ALL enjoy living The Full Life!

 Take Away

Show notes, including a written version of this at

Episode #18 // Decision Fatigue: Too Many Choices in Your Day?

Recently a friend was telling me how she has been so tired of making decisions. Her husband had offered to take her out for dinner (Full Life Score!!) and he said “where would you like to go” (fair question) but she felt overwhelm… couldn’t decide where she wanted to eat or what she wanted to eat, it was later in the day and she was just spent.

I’ve found myself feeling this way – we make so many decisions in a day; some studies say in the thousands; what to wear, what to eat, decisions around home, all the ones you make at work – then there are purchases, emails requests…it just goes on and on. Choice is great, and most of us have lots of it but at some point, out brains get filled to capacity and even deciding where we want to go for dinner (which makes life easier!) can be hard.

This week I share my top 4 tools for getting good at decision fatigue. I also have some funny examples of how decision fatigue impacts us. Let’s giggle, learn and get some FULL in our beautiful Lives!

Take Away

Show notes, including a written version of podcast at

Episode #17 // Speaking for Peace

There is no shortage of fear in the world. For many on the news and for some even in their homes or communities. This week on The Full Life, I wanted to share with you some ideas around cultivating peace within your own heart first and then how you can ripple that out into a world desperately in need. I am really excited to share with you my personal “peace practice” and then give you free access to my 7 Day Peace challenge, if you will. Its easy to do and sure to have you feeling deeper love not only for yourself but for those around you.

We need this. So, lets be the change and get peaceFUL!


Take Away

Begin today! The FREE 7 Day Peace Practice program I shared in this episode is available at

Episode #16 // The Full Life “Reboot” : Heart & Brain Coherence

In 3 minutes, we will bring coherence to the connection between your heart and your brain. And, wow…can this feel like a reboot!

During stressful times our heart rhythms can become erratic, limiting our ability to think clearly, learn easily and make effective decisions.  Then, when we experience uplifting emotions like compassion, joy, love or appreciation, our heart patterns become smooth and harmonious.  As you can imagine, we feel good, work better and enjoy a much Fuller Life

A couple of minutes is all we need to reboot, clear the signal and plug into greater clarity. Let’s do this together!


Take Away

Download a PDF of the guided practice : HeartFocused_Breathing_HowTo

Episode #15 // Honouring How You and Your Loved Ones Energize & Recharge

You probably know if you are an introvert or an extrovert, right? But do you know the same for your friends and loved ones? Perhaps your team members at work? And, do you take the next step to understand and honour how you each uniquely build your energy stores and recharge? A big part of building a life you love while you love and care for those around you is knowing who you are, knowing who those you love are, and then being present enough to honour everyone in a way that allows them the space to recharge. If you don’t, its often where friction happens, where feelings get hurt, where unneeded judgement or criticisms happen and where life can get unintendedly messy.

As always, I have a true story for you to “humanize with heart” this concept and then let’s do a little quiz (chances are you already know what you are but who doesn’t love a little quiz to tell you, you are right!).  Finally, we reflect and come out the other side honouring each other’s needs and temperaments as well as our own and journey on towards…The Full Life.


Check out a written version of the Introvert/Extrovert quiz HERE.

Episode #14 // Perception is YOUR Superpower!

Did you know you have a superpower? And, that it has the ability to help you look at life and its experiences in new and more nourishing ways? Perception is VERY POWERFUL. On this episode of The Full Life, I have a great little exercise for you that is a favourite in my coaching and workshops. Its all about learning to shift our perception. The reason I wanted to share this with my FULL LIFE crew is that shifting your perception is like a SUPERPOWER when you are building a life you love while you love and care for those around you. I’m going to make it really easy for you by sharing a little story and then a fool-proof practice you can use yourself or with those you love. You are going to love this and I’m so honoured you’re here!


Episode #13 // How is the Quality of Your Attention? Do The Assessment With Me.

Our lives are busy. Really busy. And distracted. We have an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day (that’s about 1 every 1.2 seconds…so they’re coming). Then our devices! Its now a thing to do a “digital detox” and “try” to be without your phone on your nightstand.

Are you able to pay quality attention? If not, your happiness (and the happiness of those you love) could be suffering. Let’s dig a little deeper, do a little assessment quiz and then I have 3 practices for you that will REALLY enhance the quality of your attention.

Take Away

For a free worksheet to accompany this podcast click here: AttentionWorkSheet_TheFullLife_AmandaWeber_2017 . It will really support your journey on this topic so be sure to grab it!

Episode #12 // A Full Life “Reboot”. Unplug, Breathe, Dominate!

Its a Full Life “Reboot” Episode! Take 5!

This is exciting! In response to YOUR requests, I’m adding a new segment, each month, where I’ll record a guided relaxation podcast. These “Full Life Reboots” will be short (5-7min), potent and sure to engage your “relax and then take on the world” response. Today we begin with the theme of unplugging for a few minutes to get yourself realigned for the day. Everything works better if you unplug it for a moment, even us humans. Grab your ear buds, close your eyes and lets do this, Beautiful!


Episode #11 // I’m So Grateful For YOU! Maximizing Wellness with Gratitude.

The health benefits of fostering an “attitude of gratitude” are not only scientifically proven but quite extensive.  This is why cultivating a gratitude practice is really key to living The Full Life. In this episode we explore how to move gratitude from a mechanical process (which I often hear is how it  can feel when done everyday, as we feel depleted) to a way of BEing, along with my 3 favourite ways to practice gratitude and, a pretty awesome story of gratitude.

PS If I haven’t told you, “I’m so grateful for YOU!”

Episode #10 // Dana Finestone, Developmental Psychologist; Everyday Happiness Training with Imagery

Take a moment and bring to mind an experience where you felt a rush of happiness. Can you optimize your sense of happiness with the simple use of something you have with you in every moment; imagery? The early research says yes! Dana Finestone, Developmental Psychologist and creator of, unpacks some new research and shares practical ways to leverage imagery to optimize your emotional state. She shares very practical ways she is striving to do this in her own life and we have a fun-loving banter about kids, the power of presence, gratitude and living THE FULL LIFE.

You can reach out to Dana at her website ( or email her at Her blog has some really well researched advise for raising happy kids and being happy parents!

Take Away

Research Article Synopsis [here]
Research Article [here]

Episode #9 // : Managing Emotional Muggers, Circle of Influence and…The Rainbow Breath

About 50% of our happiness is due to our genes (yup, some of us just have happier genes than others), 10% lies in our life circumstances (income, house, job, health, ability to have kids) and the last 40% is impacted by our intentional activity. That means, the way we think, behave and the choice of people we surround ourselves with in our daily lives can have a very big impact on our overall level of happiness. With this in mind, we’re look at how to influence that 40% while we get good any emotional muggers in our lives…you know, the neighbour who only visits when she has problems to unload?  Yes, we all have one of these, but this tactical way to cope will really help.

We’re gonna rock this, Gorgeous! Welcome to The Full Life!

Take Away

An awesome (and quite entertaining!) article from Martha Beck on Managing Emotional Muggers [HERE]

Episode #8 // People-Pleasers Unite! Learning to Say “No” Without Guilt

Are you a people pleaser? Are you the person who says YES even though in the pit of your stomach you swore you wouldn’t?  The beautiful soul who so hated to confront conflict that she said YES to that project at work that she really didn’t even feel qualified, let alone have the bandwidth, to do? That person who loves her kids so much that she puts them first to the point of feeling completely depleted?

Then yes, You are a people pleaser. A beautiful, kind-hearted, people-pleaser.

Is this bad? Let me help you wade through this potentially messy state and decide for yourself. I have a few questions for you to “honestly” ask your self, an admission of “people-pleasing” guilt from my own archive and a challenge we can do together. So let’s get to it! People Pleasers Unite!

Take Away

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Episode #7 // What Are You Practicing?

Part of living The Full Life is about honouring yourself, gifting yourself a daily moment or moments to gain a little clarity, to inform the lense with which you see the world. Its about getting to know yourself underneath the layers of conditioned thought that we ALL carry. Its connecting to your beautiful essence under the Shoulda’s, Coulda’s, and Why Didn’t You’s.

So how do we do this. How do we begin to live “The Full Life”? This week I’m excited to introduce you to Trish, Christine, Michaela, Joan and Maureen and the daily practices that they each do to love and honour themselves. I have always found that I learn best through the stories and experiences of others like me so I’m hoping this episode will provide inspiration and learning for you in that same way! Your space is reserved so let’s do this!


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Episode #6 // 5 Tips to Hack-into-Happiness at Work

Welcome to The Full Life! Whether you love your job or not, sometimes you could benefit from being happier during your 9-5. On the practical side, your day goes faster, you feel better and chances are your performance will be better if your mindset rocks. So, what can you do? Here are my top 5 ways to “hack into happiness” at work. They are easy to do, don’t require you to be at a desk, scientifically backed and require little time but the results are consistently beautiFUL.  Listen in NOW and then don’t forget to download your free Hacking Happiness Cheat Sheet to keep at your desk!

 Take Away

Download the Hacking Happiness Cheat Sheet (PDF) to keep at your desk!

Episode #5 // Calming The Harsh Inner Critic

Welcome to Episode #5 of The Full Life Podcast! Do you have a harsh inner critic? Well I’ve been doing more than a bit of work lately on “Calming the Harsh Inner Critic” and I’ve noticed something;

“How we talk to ourselves, mostly unconsciously, when we are busy, stressed and overwhelmed, is far, far worse, in my experience, than how we would talk to a friend or someone we love.”

Calming that harsh inner voice, the negative narrative, has and continues to be a journey for me and the beautiful people I coach – – but a critical JOURNEY if we are to live “THE FULL LIFE”.

This week I want to share with you a little practice I have; 2 little steps, that seems to calm the savage beast. Here we go;

Episode #4 // A 3 min Daily Practice That Will Change You, Literally

The conversation between your head and your heart is often anything but optimal; stress, negative emotions, feelings of overwhelm and “I’m not enough” leave it with static, at best. The 3 minute practice I share in today’s episode will change that, it will align your head and heart physiologically, and will leave you feeling like you can really show up in YOUR full life. And, it’s a practice you can do anytime, anywhere. It’s a “Full Life” game-changer!

Take Away

Download my little cheat-sheet [HeartFocused_Breathing_HowTo]  so you can keep it at your desk or beside your bed!


Episode #3 // Moving from “Burn-out BUSY” to “Soul-filling FULL”

There are 3 practices that I see over and over again that are most common amongst the people who are successfully calling FULL the new BUSY and building a life they love. Today I’ll share these with you and unpack them in a way that will allow you to integrate them into YOUR beautiFUL life. We’re reducing self-judgement and guilt and yes, we’re sparking some joy today!

Episode #2 // Welcome to The Full Life!

In this first episode Amanda shares her personal story of going from “burn-out BUSY” to “soul-filling FULL” along with an easy-to-squeeze-in practice that you can do anywhere and that will begin to show you how to reframe BUSY as FULL in your beautiFUL life. Connect with greater health and happiness by the end of the episode!


Episode #1 // Step 1: Getting Good at Emotional Stress

Its nearly impossible to build a life you love with your stress response engaged. Getting good at stress means learning how we engage our fight/flight from the emotions we feed, how to dis-engage it and then how to get good at stress in our beautiful daily lives with family, careers and to-do lists. In this episode, Amanda shares with you the core practice she uses and that she teaches all her Full Life clients.


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