inner wisdom workout with amanda weber

We’re all working on ‘life’, aren’t we?

So many people I coach say they desire to thrive and not just survive but life gets busy, we run on a kind of autopilot that doesn’t maximize our own inner calling to be happier, healthier and more successful….however we each uniquely define it.

That train STOPS here!

Join Me.

Each week you’ll be part of a passionate group of women accessing their inner wisdom; that place we all have that says “I want more, I deserve the best that life has to offer….I need to take time for myself”

The reality is that life is busy – great things you “should” read, habits you “want” to start, things you “need to” get to.

I’ll cut through the clutter and bring you the straight goods; researched best practices and tools to help you access your inner wisdom, that well of greatness patiently waiting to be called on.

We’ll Breathe. Explore.  Meditate. Repeat. And enjoy:

  • A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing, more acceptance, less guilt (yup…really!)
  • Greater patience, focus, creativity, strengthened intuition, less second-guessing
  • And, a sense of awesomeness & greater purpose in your daily life with family, friends and work

As the ex-techie chick (for 17+ years) who meditates, I’ll bring the science behind the tools and with baby steps and do-able tiny habits we’ll experience some ‘aha’ moments together that lead to lasting life change.


Every Wednesday starting Sept 14th, 2016
from 1:10 – 1:55 pm


In awesome @UptownWaterloo at 30 Dupont St, Lower Level


Your amazing self, that’s it!

Everything you need you already have!