Amanda Weber smiling sitting crossed legged on bench

We’re all working on ‘life’, aren’t we?

Life is busy, full, always moving but not always in the direction of our desires. Often a good portion of the ‘busy’ is the chatter in our minds. Lamenting on the past or worrying about the future. This lens becomes how we enjoy, or don’t get to enjoy, the good times.

What Do You Want? This is a big question.

For me it has always created anxiety deep in my chest. It feels like a loaded question. And yet, I get glimpses of it; in the natural flow of nature like the songs of the birds, the energetic glow of a full moon or the awe of a beautiful sun rise, even the tingles that overtake my senses when I get a warm embrace from a loved one. Why can’t I have more of this?

After years of daily meditation followed by pockets of contemplation, I’ve learned something very powerful; your soul knows what you want and she speaks with a special language. A language that is available to each of us but that requires a practice of attunement. She needs us to find her in stillness and allow her wisdom to bubble up. If you are feeling called to cultivate a deeper relationship with your soul’s musing, I’d like to hold a space for your journey.  Connecting, listening, noticing and then bringing to life the whispers that feel deeply honouring.

Meditate -Disconnect from your busy, slow down, clear the channel between your head and your heart, be in the present moment ‘portal’ where your Souls whisper’s can be heard

Contemplate – Dance with the right questions and prompts and hear the gentle responses; you’ll build confidence in listening to your soul’s language

Create – The best part! The energetic movement of your musings onto paper. We’ll bring colour and life to your messages through journaling, the automatic kind that you don’t need to think about.

Meditate. Contemplate. Create!

Are you ready to step in and bring your Souls Musing’s to life?


Every Wednesday Evening
from 7:30-8:30pm (EST)


Over the ‘Zoom’ platform (details sent upon registration)


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Your amazing self & a journal to write in.

Everything else you already have!