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We change when the stories we tell ourselves change.

Your Soul is whispering. Are you ready to listen?

If you’ve arrived here it’s because it’s time for change.

Its time to stop ignoring the whispers that hint of a more fulfilling life. And do you know when that change really happens?

We change when the stories we tell ourselves change.

The challenge is that these stories, let’s call them beliefs, have been with us for so long that they’ve become the lens with which we see our world. We don’t even realize we have a choice; a choice to live a different story; a choice to experience the life we dream of.

In my experience, the suffering looks like this:

  • First, there is the stream of self-critical thoughts that you notice but can’t, for all your might, stop.
  • Then, those deeper life questions arise; am I living with purpose? Is this really it?
  • And, the hurdle that keeps you stuck, how do I prioritize my needs amidst everyone else’s?

Transforming the limiting stories you tell yourself requires you to notice them with an open curiosity, explore what you want to experience, and then reclaim your truest self without sacrificing the relationships with those you care about.

I have been experiencing this increasing sense of freedom for many years now; celebrating life’s precious times with a whole-heart and accessing deep self-compassion when things go sideways.

If you long to honour the whispers of your truest self and live with this kind of freedom, let’s jump in .

I’m ready!

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Sandra Muir

“I’ve known Amanda for several years, both as a spiritual leader and business owner. So when I wanted to take my business to the next level, I contacted her right away — and it was such a wonderful decision. Her holistic perspective and insights have been invaluable in helping to guide me towards living a life that is authentic and fills my soul. I know that my business is only as healthy as I am, and Amanda has really helped me figure out how to stop telling myself those stories that don’t serve me anymore so that I can move forward with purpose and light.”

Sandra Muir // Owner of Platypus Marketing & Communications

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