Is this You?

  • Are You a People-Pleaser? (be honest..)
  • Are You and Your Side-Kick “Stressed-Out” Better Friends Than You’d Like?
  • Does Your Life Look Pretty Good on Paper and Yet You Wake at 3am Feeling You Need Something More?

I understand. I Was You.

But what I discovered is that perception is 9/10 of our reality.

My goal isn’t to change your life, its to share with you my proven coaching process that enables you to shift your perception; to look at your beautiful life and its experiences in new and more nourishing ways. This is what I call, “The Full Life”.  And, its how you create a life you love while you love and care for those around you.

In my experience, one-on-one coaching works best for individuals who:

  • Have begun a journey of self reflection and have identified how they don’t want to feeling (….that’s the 3am convo you have with yourself!)
  • Need some structured support, guidance, proven tools, and creative ideas on how to get to how they want to feel.

And that’s exactly what I will provide you.  (along with some pixie dust and a bunch of high-fives!)

So what do you say..shall we start building?

I’m Ready! (Please send me more information on private coaching packages)

Learn More: Amanda’s personal journey from Burn-out BUSY to Soul-filling FULL.

NOTE: Private Coaching is OPEN Again! Let’s Get Started.

“Being a momma to two very active kids, owning my own marketing business and being an active volunteer in the community leaves little time for me! As a person who always says “yes” immediately and then is up at 4am trying to fit it all in, Amanda has taught me how to prioritize, and that “No” is a complete sentence. Just as important, is being mindful of what I’m doing right now, and not looking at what I need to do next. In short, Amanda rocks!!”

Christine Tolton, Entrepreneur, Founder Redcast Marketing 

Still wondering if one-on-one coaching is for you?

You may still be asking, “is coaching right for me?”. If so, perhaps ask yourself:

  • Do you frequently feel over-whelmed, guilty, exhausted–and even though you are busy all the time, things just don’t feel like they come together without a lot of struggle?
  • Do you wish that you could be more content, but feel like greater happiness is just out of reach?
  • Do you frequently find yourself reactive or impatient with family or co-workers and constantly in a rushed state?
  • Do you have a specific issue or challenge in your life that pops up again and again and you need help finding solutions for it; ways to break out of your conditioned thoughts, responses and behaviours?

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions then coaching could be a great experience for you! Why not reach out for a complimentary 20 minute introduction or to learn more about my personal empowerment packages.
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