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Combining 17+ years as a marketing and communications executive with the latest research, proven tools, and a little ancient wisdom I’ll enlighten and entertain you with actionable baby steps and tiny habits that inspire you to look at life in new and more successful ways.

“Amanda has enabled me to apply a fresh & healthy lens to my thinking and my interactions; a true turning point in both my personal and professional life.”

lois norris

Lois Norris // CFO

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Addressing an Epidemic with Tiny Habits that Ensure Success

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Making Better Decisions

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Why? Why not!

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Making Friends with Stress;

Addressing an Epidemic with Tiny Habits that Ensure Success

Do you have stress:

  • in your life?
  • at home?
  • at work?
  • running your own business?
  • looking for work?

It’s all around us. The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of all doctor visits are in some way related to stress.

Many of us even see it in the reactivity of our co-workers or ourselves as parents. The very nature of our always-on world leaves many people feeling like stress is an uncontrollable part of life.

But is it?

By sharing my very personal story on the extreme affects of stress along with research, doable tips and some ‘aha moments, I will help you see stress in a different way.

You will leave with tools and best practices that you can do anytime, anywhere; even at your desk, to help you make friends with stress and lead a happier, healthier and most successful life.

We Need this!

Feeding the Right Wolf;

Making Better Decisions

Ever wonder why when your smart phone shows “20% battery life” you knock your co-workers over to find a plug but when you feel depleted physically you see “40% left in the tank…let’s push through”?

Feeling lost in an always-on world?

Well, I was you!

60+ hour work weeks, international travel, building the brand of global tech company all while trying to raise 2 happy, healthy kids…crash, burn, out .

And I did.

But as I found stable ground and began to rebuild I learned a thing or two about life.

Making the best decisions at home and in the office meant one simple thing; feeding the right wolf. If I could do this, I was able to connect to a well of health, happiness, confidence, creativity, focus and SUCCESS! (at work, home and play!).

Let me share the secret with you as we uncover this simple truth, “Thoughts becomes believes, Beliefs become actions, Actions become our lives.” In essence, thoughts become our lives.

How do you consciously pick thoughts that ensure your success?

By feeding the right wolf. Come learn how.

This is us!

Mindful Leadership:

Why? Why Not!

What’s all the buzz about mindfulness and meditation?

Forbes, Time, Oprah…they all write and talk about it. And, it’s not just Russell Brand , Jim Carey and all of Hollywood; some of the biggest names in sports and business (like Lebron James and Warren Buffet) tout it as their secret to personal and business success.

As a University Certified Meditation Instructor (taught by Deepak Chopra), ex-tech executive, entrepreneur and conscious lifestyle practitioner, I will take the covers off this ancient practice and bring it from ashrams of India to the conference rooms and cubicles of your office.

Learn how to do it, why you need it as your competitive edge and strategy for great leadership, the science behind it all – in an engaging, interactive and thought provoking session.

Exactly what we need!