Trust is one of those words that depending on how you view the world it can make you feel comfort or terror. Similarly, it can be interpreted quite differently if you are inward focused or more outward focused. Most of us spend most of our time in the later. Focused on the outside world and whether we can or should “trust” those who, for example, we work with, friends, doctors, neighbours, politicians, media, on and on.

Today I want to ask you to trust me and join me on a journey inward. I’d like to ask you to consider the thought “How would your life be different if you trusted yourself and your life a little more?”

I’ve been on the worry train lately with one of my kidos. If I’m being honest, I am usually on the worry train with one of my kidos. Its part of my nature when I let my “mama” mind wander. Can you relate? Worry is one of things that, in my life, pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose other than to make me feel grateful when I’m not doing it!
Anyway, I’d been worrying about a situation with one of my kids and the worry was leaking into other areas of my life that should have been joyful. The worry was causing me to write stories in my mind that I had NO idea could come true. My ego was in full justification mode that the worry was preparing me for what MIGHT happen. I was becoming a bundle of stress with a knot-tied stomach and perma-wrinkles around my eyes. I even skipped a yoga class so I could have focused worry time to be sure I was organized in my worry.

Yes, by the way. I do see the irony in this. I AM A HAPPINESS COACH! I HELP PEOPLE GET GOOD AT STRESS! Which is exactly why I’m sharing this with you.

Worry for me happens when I lose the ability to trust. Trust in myself, trust in my kids, trust in the world. Now, I know trust in the world is a tall order today but let me assure you, trust in yourself – enough to get off the worry train for a little while – is just a baby step. But, it’s a very important baby step for you take.

How different might your life be if you trusted just a little more? Its an inside job (it doesn’t rely on others doing anything differently for you). It’s a present moment job (you will need to consciously notice, to be aware, when you are worrying so you can try to trust). It’s a happiness generating job (this is your gift to you, to those you love, to your life).

Let Me Share

I was on a flight recently that had a short connection time. It was also a red-eye and I had my 5 year old with me and when it was announced that the first flight would be delayed 20 minutes I began to worry, I lost trust in the universe that all would be fine, and I wasted not an insignificant amount of time thinking about what might happen if we missed our connection. At the same time I was busy “not trusting”, many people on the flight were apparently enjoying the most beautiful sunset as we travelled East over a 3 hour time zone.

Now if you know me, sunrises and sunsets are among my favourite things in life. And I missed an amazing one…or so I was told. All because I was busy not trusting that everything would be ok. Wasting time thinking about things completely out of my control.

Did my worry help us to get our connection? No. Did my worry enhance my happiness? No. Did my lack of trust make me miss something soul-filling? Yes. Did my lack of trust leave me feeling regretful and a little sad? Yes.

And this is how it works.

You CAN trust yourself AND the universe – everything WILL be ok. In fact, it will be better than ok. Because no matter if you worry or not, you wont change outcomes but you can enhance your beautiful life.

Here’s What To Do

Start small. Trust that even if there is traffic, you will arrive at work at the perfect time. Trust that if your kids fail a math test, they will still find a way to support themselves someday. Trust that if your website and all your backups get hacked and you lose what feels like your whole work life, that the universe has a grander plan for your teachings (yes, this actually happened to me a couple week ago).

Just trust. A little. And I promise….you’ll be glad you did.

So, I ask you once again, “How would your life be different if you trusted yourself and your life a little more?” Spend a minute or 2 in silence considering this.

Helping you build a life you love while you’re loving and caring for those around you is the trust you have placed in me and I am so honoured.